What happens at the end of Disturbia?

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What happens at the end of Disturbia?

Turner appears, slashes Kale in the back and pins him to a wall, but before Turner can kill Kale, Julie stabs him in the leg with a dagger, allowing Kale to grab a pair of gardening shears and impale Turner in the chest with them, finally killing him.

Will there be a Disturbia 2?

Disturbia 2: Cris’s Homecoming (The Disturbia Trilogy) Paperback – January 13, 2015.

Who all dies in Disturbia?

List of deaths

No. Name Cause of Death
1. Daniel Brecht Killed in car crash
2. Girl Beaten to death
3. Amanda Throat slashed with a power saw
4.-6. Three People Found dead

What happens to Ronnie in Disturbia?

Kale’s fears of Ronnie being dead are satiated, when Ronnie reveals himself to be alive and unharmed. Kale then watches Ronnie’s videotape; in the video, as Ronnie falls over, he accidentally filmed something hidden behind an air vent. Kale zooms in and sees what looks like a clear bag with a dead body inside.

Where was Disturbia filmed?

Disturbia was filmed on location in the cities of Whittier, California and Pasadena, California. The homes of Kale and Mr. Turner, which were supposed to be next door to each other, were actually located in two different cities. Filmed in the same house as Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005).

Is Mr Turner the killer?

Robert Turner is the main antagonist of the 2007 live action film Disturbia. He is a serial killer who likes to kill young women and put his victims’ bodies inside plastic bags. He was portrayed by David Morse.

Is the neighbor a serial killer in Disturbia?

Plot Summary (6) A teen living under house arrest becomes convinced his neighbor is a serial killer. After his father is killed in a car accident, things unravel for Kale Brecht and he is placed under house-arrest for punching his Spanish teacher.

Is rear window based on a true story?

While Woolrich’s short tale provides the skeleton of the film’s narrative, Hitchcock took inspiration from the real world, with a focus on two cases in particular: those of the 1910 murder of Corrine Henrietta Turner and the 1924 murder of Emily Kaye, both allegedly at the hands of their husbands.

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