What happened to 104.9 radio station St Louis?

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What happened to 104.9 radio station St Louis?

The brand was on 107.7 from 1979 to 1997, 104.9 from 1997-2012, moved to 100.3 until 2014 and then was resurrected on the 103.7 translator in May 2017. The station is running sweepers telling listeners the brand will be shifted to KMJM-FM’s HD2.

What is the R&B station in Missouri?

Majic 104.9 – Today’s R&B and Throwbacks for St. Louis. Listen For Your Chance To Win!

Who is the owner of Dream FM?

Dream FM Network

Type FM radio network
Availability Philippines
Founded September 27, 2004 (as a radio arm of ABC-5) March 2010 (as a spin-off radio network)
Owner ABC Development Corporation (2004-2010) Interactive Broadcast Media (2010-2011)
Key people Antonio O. Cojuangco Jr. Robyn Narciso Anton Lagdameo

What are the radio stations in Missouri?

List of radio stations

Call sign Frequency Licensee
KAUD 90.5 FM The Curators of the University of Missouri
KAUF 89.9 FM American Family Association
KAYQ 97.1 FM Valkyrie Broadcasting, Inc.
KAYX 92.5 FM Bott Communications, Inc.

What station is magic in St Louis?

Majic 104.9 – Today’s R&B and Throwbacks for St.

What is the R&B station in St Louis?

100.3 The Beat – STL’s Hip Hop and R&B.

How do I listen to Free Radio?

Listening to radio online has never been easier. Use radio.net easily in your browser or download our free radio app on your smartphone….radio.net – Your free internet radio

  1. Listen to your favorite stations live and for free.
  2. Station lists from your region.
  3. A wide variety with over 30,000 radio stations.
  4. A free radio app.

What’s the R&B station in St Louis Missouri?

What are the main FM radio stations?

Balbriggan, North Co Dublin – 100.1 FM, County Dublin – 100.3 FM, County Meath – 100.3 FM, East Kildare – 100.5 FM, East Wicklow – 95.7 FM and North Wicklow – 95.7 FM. Set up in 1989 under a different name, FM104 is a commercial local radio station. It broadcasts throughout the county of Dublin.

What is the best FM radio station?

Even in the heat of summer, WMNF’s little slice of landscaping heaven is blossoming, according to station manager Vicki Santa. By using xeriscaping principles and native plants, the landscaping uses less water and is a better host to native animals and insects, according to landscape designer Brian Schatz.

How do I start an FM radio station?

Decide if you want to start a low-power or full-power radio station.

  • Apply for a broadcast station construction permit from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
  • Decide how much power you need based on how far you want your station to broadcast.
  • Buy the necessary equipment,including transmitter gear and an antenna.
  • Design your studio.
  • What is the lowest radio station on FM?

    Common Frequency has been supporting the launch of grassroots stations since 2006.

  • The Prometheus Radio Project was instrumental in advocating for and assisting the FCC in creating LPFM.
  • Intercollegiate Broadcast System and College Broadcasters Inc.
  • What is least used FM radio FREQ in US?

    SiriusXM FM Channel Finder is a free resource that you can use any time to find one or more potentially vacant FM frequencies. In most areas, we will give you a choice of up to five frequencies to try, ranked by how far away they are from other radio stations. SiriusXM FM Channel Finder can be used in the 48 contiguous states served by SIRIUS

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