What game show was Bozo the Clown in?

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What game show was Bozo the Clown in?

The Bozo Super Sunday Show
Final incarnation of WGN-TV’s popular children’s program, which featured songs, skits, games, educational segments and other activities featuring Bozo the Clown as host.

When did Bozo the Clown show end?

July 14, 2001
The final Bozo show, a primetime special titled “Bozo: 40 Years of Fun!” was taped on June 12, 2001, and aired on July 14, 2001.

When did Bozo the Clown Show start?

The Bozo character originated in Los Angeles in 1946, when Alan Livingston created the clown for a series of Capitol Records children’s albums. KTTV-TV aired the first televised Bozo program there in 1949. Larry Harmon, one of the first Bozos, purchased the rights to franchise the clown nationwide in 1956.

Who played Bozo the Clown in Little Rock Arkansas?

Gary Weir
Little Rock (KATV) — If you grew up in Arkansas in the 1970’s the only place to be at 3:30 in the afternoon, was in front of your television, watching the Bozo show on Channel 7. Gary Weir was the man under the big top.

Why was Bozo the Clown popular?

Capitol Records moved beyond stories for kids by the mid-1950s as popular music exploded. In 1956, it sold the rights to the clown to Larry Harmon, who portrayed Bozo at the time in Los Angeles. Harmon then transformed Bozo into a national sensation starting in 1957 when he first sold Bozo as a franchise.

Who played Bozo the Clown in the 1960s?

Willard Scott, who became famous as the weatherman on NBC’s “Today,” played Bozo in Washington, D.C., in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The show was a money machine.

Is Cookie the clown still alive?

Roy T. Brown, 68, who played Cooky the Clown, longtime sidekick to Bozo the Clown and the clown on the “The Bozo Show” most likely to get a pie in the face or water poured down his pants, died from congestive heart failure Monday, Jan.

Who bought the rights to Bozo the Clown?

actor David Arquette
CHICAGO (WGN) — For the first time in 65 years, the ownership rights to the Bozo the Clown character have been sold, and actor David Arquette is the new owner. Arquette has been a life-long fan of the character and acquired the rights from Larry Harmon Pictures, which bought them from Capitol Records.

Who played Clown on Seinfeld?

Jon Favreau
“Seinfeld” The Fire (TV Episode 1994) – Jon Favreau as Eric the Clown – IMDb.

What is the Chicago Clown Show?

Edit An iconic children’s show on Chicago’s WGN television station. Children would go home from school at noon to have lunch and watch the show! They had a terrific band and funny skits with several clowns. In addition, the audience was entertained by stand alone circus acts from time to time.

Where can I see Bozo the Clown?

Bozo the Clown! Check out this amazing exhibit at the Museum of Broadcast Communications featuring cool artifacts from the legendary WGN TV Bozo show. “Bozo” is a registered trademark and copyright of Larry Harmon Pictures Corp. All rights reserved. WGN-TV’s “Bozo’s Circus” and “The Bozo Show” are copyrights of WGN Television.

How did Bozo the Clown get the grand prize game?

The Grand Prize Game became so popular, Larry Harmon, who purchased the rights to the Bozo the Clown character, later adapted it for other Bozo shows (as “Bozo Buckets” to some and “Bucket Bonanza” to others) and also licensed home and coin-operated versions.

When did Bozo the Clown first appear on TV?

After a short hiatus to facilitate WGN-TV’s move from Tribune Tower in downtown Chicago to the city’s northwest side, the show was relaunched in an expanded one-hour format as Bozo’s Circus, which premiered at noon on September 11, 1961.

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