What frequency is a UHF radio?

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What frequency is a UHF radio?

The UHF (Ultra High Frequency) band spans from 380-512MHz, exception being the 420-450MHz band, which is an Amateur Radio band and generally excluded from in-door RF coverage enhancement. 450-470 MHz – Land-Mobile Radio band. Allocated for use by Police, Fire, Government, business, and other 2-way radio services.

Is my antenna UHF or VHF?

If you see both V-shaped elements and a smaller cluster of straight elements on the same antenna, it receives both signals. The simplest indoor antenna is the basic rabbit ears design, which receives VHF. A loop-shaped antenna, whether it’s arranged horizontally or vertically, is for UHF.

Can I use a VHF antenna for UHF?

Some VHF antennas can be used on UHF, but there are very specific ‘catches’ about doing so. If that UHF frequency is a harmonic of the frequency that VHF antenna is tuned for, then you -may- be able to use it on UHF. And then there are some antennas specifically designed to work on both VHF and UHF.

What is UHF radio used for?

UHF (Ultra high frequency) radios are a commonplace accessory that the vast majority of 4WDers use for general convoy driving and scanning on highways.

How can I increase my antenna frequency?

Use a signal amplifier: You can place a signal amplifier (aka signal booster) between the antenna and your receiver or radio to boost the signal. Just connect the cable coming from the antenna to the input of the amplifier. and then connect the output to your radio or receivers’ antenna input.

Are UHF radios legal?

It’s not illegal to use a UHF or CB radio while driving And people are becoming concerned. They needn’t be, the laws around this stuff are pretty clear cut and that is that you can use a UHF or CB radio while driving… as long as you’re still considered to be in proper control of your vehicle.

What are UHF antennas used for?

First off, UHF antennas allow you to communicate and connect with others on a single frequency of 477MHZ. This could be in a group, convoy, in an emergency situation or just to see who is out and about. They transmit best by a line of sight, this doesn’t necessarily mean what you can see but what the apex of your antenna can see.

What is the length of a UHF antenna?

Due to the short wavelengths, UHF antennas are conveniently stubby and short; at UHF frequencies a quarter-wave monopole, the most common omnidirectional antenna is between 2.5 and 25 cm long.

What is the VHF antenna frequency?

From the table, we see that VHF is in the range 30-300 MHz (30 Million-300 Million cycles per second). At the very least then, if someone says they need a “VHF antenna”, you should now understand that the antenna should transmit or receive electromagnetic waves that have a frequency of 30-300 MHz. Table 1. Chart of Common Frequency Bands

What is the frequency range of UHF radio?

UHF citizens band (Land mobile service): 476–477 MHz Television broadcasting uses UHF channels between 503 and 694 MHz Fixed point-to-point Link 450.4875 – 451.5125 MHz Land mobile service 457.50625 – 459.9875 MHz

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