What exit is Hwy 5 in Douglasville GA?

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What exit is Hwy 5 in Douglasville GA?

Exit 34 Hwy 5 Douglasville.

What exit is Douglasville Georgia?

Follow I-20 to exits 37,36, and 34. These are all exits to Douglasville.

What exit is Augusta GA?

I-20 Georgia Exit 194 – Roadnow.

Is Douglasville Ga Rural?

Population in 2019: 33,992 (99% urban, 1% rural). Zip codes: 30122, 30134, 30135, 30187.

What exit is Carrollton GA?

Exit 19 – GA-113; Temple; Carrollton – Interstate I-20 Westbound in Georgia – iExit.

What is the last exit in Georgia?

After that, the final exit in Georgia is in Port Wentworth, where it intersects SR 21/SR 30 and SR 565 (Savannah River Parkway), the major thoroughfare between Augusta and Savannah.

What exit is Thomson GA?

Exit 172, Exit to: US 78, GA 17, Thomson. There are 16 gas stations, 48 restaurants, and 6 hotels/motels near this exit. See details below.

What exit is Temple GA?

Exit 19, Exit to: GA 113, Temple.

What exit is Bremen GA?

27 exit #11 in Bremen, GA.

How do I find exit numbers on Google Maps?

Use the map’s zoom function to enlarge the highway until exit numbers appear on the map. These will give you the precise information you need about exit numbers at each off-ramp on the highway.

How many exits are in Georgia?

The state is renumbering its 5,760 interstate exits so they reflect how many miles the exit is from the state line or from the Georgia city where the interstate starts, conforming to the system used in most other states. For instance, Exit 30 on I-16 near Savannah will become Exit 148.

What county is Thomson GA?

McDuffie CountyThomson / County

When was I 20 built in Georgia?

1957Interstate 20 / Constructed

How big is Douglasville?

23.04 mi²Douglasville / Area

What exit is Carrollton Georgia?

What exit is Bremen off I 20?

exit #11
27 exit #11 in Bremen, GA. Bremen, AL 30110.

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