What does the Bayern Munich announcer say?

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What does the Bayern Munich announcer say?

“BAY-errrn, BAY-errn, BAY-ern BAY-ern BAY-ern, [something], [something], [something something something] MÜNCHEN!” Maybe they aren’t saying Bayern, but it’s some two-syllable word repeated. Any help??

What do Bayern Munich fans chant?

“Mia san Mia stands for the complete will to succeed,” explained homegrown Bayern star Thomas Müller. “That’s how we manage to turn games round so often. There’s no middle ground, only wins.

What do you call a Bayern fan?

Most Bayern Munich fans are called “Erfolgsfans” from rival fans. Sometimes also from other Bayern Fans. “Erfolgfan” means people, who only be Bayern Munich fan, when they are successfull, watch only matches who seems to be interessting (like games against Dortmund, Real Madrid).

What is Dortmunds stadium called?

Signal Iduna ParkBorussia Dortmund / Arena/StadiumWestfalenstadion is a football stadium in Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, which is the home of Borussia Dortmund. Officially called Signal Iduna Park for sponsorship reasons and BVB Stadion Dortmund in UEFA competitions, the name derives from the former Prussian province of Westphalia. Wikipedia

What does MIS San MIA mean?

“Mia San Mia” is itself the Bavarian variation of the German phrase “Wir sind wir”, which translates to “We are who we are” in English.

Do Germans like Bayern Munich?

BAYERN MUNICH IS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL GERMAN CLUB EVER AND PROBABLY THE MOST HATED. Bayern Munich have always been a dominant force in Germany and in Europe.

What is the biggest stadium in Germany?

List of football stadiums in Germany

# Stadium Capacity
1 Westfalenstadion 81,365
2 Allianz Arena 75,000
3 Olympiastadion Berlin 74,475
4 Veltins-Arena 62,271

What Borussia meaning?

Borussia is the Latin word for Prussia, a former European state that comprised much of what today is Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Russia.

Why is Bundesliga 18 teams?

In fact, the Bundesliga began with 16 teams in 1963. The main reason it was enlarged to 18 clubs in 1965 was that Hertha Berlin got demoted on account of a bribery scandal and the powers that be wanted to replace them with another Berlin club for political reasons.

What does Packmas mean Bayern Munich?

“Let’s do it
FC Bayern Munich on Twitter: “. @AIDY_OFFICIAL #Packmas is Bavarian for the German “Packen wir es”, which means “Let’s do it”.” / Twitter.

Why do people hate FC Bayern?

Bayern have traditionally poached the best from other German teams – Oliver Kahn from Karlsruhe and Manuel Neuer from Schalke are just a couple of examples. Eventually, the fans of these teams naturally build up a resentment towards Bayern; rumours of Bayern hovering around for yet another player leads to outrage.

What is T in Bayern Munich?

The ‘T’ that is seen on the Bayern shirts and that appears in the Allianz Arena is the logo of the German telecomms giant ‘Telekom’. The company has now further strengthened its relationship with the Bavarian club.

What is the oldest stadium in Germany?

List of football stadiums in Germany

# Stadium Opened
1 Westfalenstadion 1974
2 Allianz Arena 2005
3 Olympiastadion Berlin 1936
4 Veltins-Arena 2001

Who is the biggest stadium in the world?

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium, Pyongyang It has been designed to host multiple sports, including athletics. The Rungrado is the largest stadium in the world.

What does Bayern stand for?

state of Bavaria
Bayern is the name of the state of Bavaria, while Bayer is the word for a Bavarian person. So, in the case of Bayern München, the name means Bavaria Munich. It’s not an uncommon way of naming teams in Germany.

Why do German clubs have 1?

Germans are traditionally sticklers for accuracy and they’re no different when it comes to football. As a general rule of thumb, if you see a ‘1. ‘ in front of your team’s name that’s because they want you to know they were the first such club to be founded in their city.

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