What does Syonan-to means?

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What does Syonan-to means?

Syonan-To (昭南島), which means Light of the South, was the name given to Singapore during the Japanese Occupation from 1942 to 1945.

Why was Singapore called Syonan-to?

Singapore was renamed Syonan-to by the Japanese in 1942, following the British surrender. It means “Light of the South”. Responding to queries from The Straits Times, NLB said that after consulting historians and its advisory panel, it “decided that no other name captured the time and all that it stood for”.

How did Singaporeans suffer during the Japanese occupation?

In general, living conditions in Singapore during the Japanese Occupation was grim due to the scarcity of many basic necessities. Rice, salt, cooking oil and cloth were some of the essential items that had to be rationed. To overcome the scarcity, learning to creatively recycle and reuse old items became the norm.

How did the Japanese rule Singapore?

In 1941, due to the weak defenses, the Japanese attacked Singapore. They landed on Singaporean soil on the 9th of February 1942 and took control of the colony on 15 February 1942, soon renaming it Syonan-to (pronounced as Sio-nan-to or Sho-nan-to), meaning Light of the South Island, during the rule.

What did Japanese call Singapore?

Syonan (Japanese: 昭南, Hepburn: Shōnan, Kunrei-shiki: Syônan), officially Syonan-to (Japanese: 昭南島, Hepburn: Shōnan-tō, Kunrei-shiki: Syônan-tô), was the name for Singapore when it was occupied and ruled by the Empire of Japan, following the fall and surrender of British military forces on 15 February 1942 during World …

What is Singapore called during ww2?

The Second World War came to Malaya and Singapore on 8 December 1941, more than two years after it broke out in Europe. After the Fall of Singapore on 15 February 1942, the island was renamed Syonan-To (Light of the South) and it spent the next 3 years and 7 months under the Japanese Occupation (1942–45).

Why is banana money called banana money?

Pre-war British currency remained legal tender but rapidly vanished from the open market, and by 1943 the economy operated on Japanese currency, commonly referred to as “banana” money because the ten-dollar note featured a banana plant.

Why did Britain lose Singapore?

On January 31st 1942, overestimating the size of the enemy forces, the British retreated to Singapore, falling back over the causeway that separated it from the mainland. Meanwhile the Japanese swarmed south, some on stolen bicycles, through the jungle from Kota Bahru towards Singapore, which lay over 600 miles south.

How many Singaporean died in ww2?

The British Lieutenant-General, Arthur Percival, commanded 85,000 Allied troops at Singapore, although many units were under-strength and most units lacked experience….

Fall of Singapore
Casualties and losses
c. 5,000 killed c. 80,000 wounded and captured 1,714 killed 3,378 wounded

How many Singaporeans died in ww2?

About 80,000 British, Indian, Australian and local troops became prisoners of war, joining the 50,000 taken in Malaya and many died of neglect, abuse or forced labour….

Fall of Singapore
Casualties and losses
c. 5,000 killed c. 80,000 wounded and captured 1,714 killed 3,378 wounded

What does Syonan-to mean?

The island was re-named Syonan-To (Light of the South). What’s in a name? He published his own extremely interesting account of this period in The Marquis: A Tale of Syonan-to (Singapore: Heinemann, 1981).

Why is Singapore called synonan-to?

The Japanese name ‘Synonan-to‘ means ‘Light of the South’, a name given to Singapore during the World War II Japanese Occupation period from 1942-1945. It quickly fell out of favour after the Japanese surrendered, but the name remains a bit of a sore point even today with a large number of the local community.

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