What does stet docket mean in Maryland?

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What does stet docket mean in Maryland?

The stet docket, literally the “let it stand docket,” simply means that a case has been stetted, or listed as inactive by the court. There is no actual docket on which the cases are listed. In fact, a stetted case is not listed on any docket.

How long does a stet docket last in Maryland?

3 years
It’s important to understand that a stet is not a conviction. It’s an indefinite postponement of a criminal case for up to 3 years. A stet can be expunged after three years if (1) the case is not reopened and (2) the defendant is not convicted of a crime during that time period.

What does Stet mean in corrections?

Stet is a Latin word (meaning “let it stand”) used in proofreading to indicate that a previously marked change is to be ignored.

Can you expunge a stet in Maryland?

Under Criminal Procedure § 10-105 the waiting period to expunge the charge(s) that has been marked “stet” is three (3) years after the case was marked “stet” on the docket. If it has been less than three (3) years, you may file a motion for a good cause exception.

What does a stet look like?

A symbol used by proofreaders and typesetters to indicate that a word or phrase that was crossed out should still remain. This is usually marked by writing and circling the word stet above or beside the unwanted edit and underscoring the selection with dashes or dots.

What does inactive case mean in Maryland?

Generally a stet in Maryland means that case is going to be inactive for a period of time (maybe 6 months or a year), usually in order for the defendant to complete some agreed upon conditions (for example, community service hours, counseling courses, anger management classes, payment of restitution, etc.).

Does Stet mean delete?

Stet definition Used in the imperative. Let it stand. To cancel a change in or a marked deletion of (a word, character, passage, etc., as in a proof or manuscript), as by writing “stet” in the margin and underlining stetted matter with a row of dots.

How do you get a stet expunged in Maryland?

Can nolle prosequi be expunged in Maryland?

Nolle Prosequi (Nol Pros) You must file a petition to expunge a Nolle Prosequi if the charge is part of a unit that is not eligible for automatic expungement. If the case was nolle prosequi and you were not served, you must still file for expungement, unless eligible for automatic expungement.

What felonies can be expunged in Maryland?

Effective 10/1/18, the following felony convictions may be expunged:

  • Felony Theft (Criminal Law Article § 7-104) (CJIS 1-1134, 1-1135, 1-1136);
  • Possession with intent to distribute or dispense a controlled dangerous substance (Criminal Law Article § 5-602(2) (CJIS 1-1119); and.

What is a stet docket?

The stet docket, literally the “let it stand docket,” simply means that a case has been stetted, or listed as inactive by the court. There is no actual docket on which the cases are listed.

Can I get a STET in Maryland?

Whether or not you can get a stet in Maryland depends on many factors, including but not limited to the facts of your case, your record, the readiness of the state’s attorney to put on the case against you, the ability of your lawyer to negotiate for a stet, the court’s willingness to allow the stet, and many others.

What does it mean when a case is Stet?

Since the stet docket means the case is being deemed inactive, a trial may occur at a much later date or it may never occur at all, depending on the case’s specific circumstances. However, just because a case is stet does not mean that a defendant is free from any further charges in the case.

How do I find a docket in a case?

Click Docket Sheet. Enter the case number, then click Find This Case. Depending on how much of the docket you would like to view and in what order, select your options and then click Run Report. The Sort by drop-down list on the Docket Sheet selection criteria screen includes a Document number option.

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