What does Pino say in Do the Right Thing?

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What does Pino say in Do the Right Thing?

Pino says how he reads about history and black leaders and after the scene, he is shown as part of the fourth wall breakers, saying: “You gold teeth, gold chain wearing, fried chicken and biscuit eating, monkey, ape, baboon, big thigh, fast running, high jumping, spear chucking, three-hundred-and-sixty-degree …

Who says Mookie do the right thing?

Da Mayor
Early in the film, Mookie is stopped on one of his delivery runs by Da Mayor, who tells him to “always do the right thing.”

Did Mookie Do the Right Thing Why or why not?

Still, the vehement condemnation by the film’s initial critics made it clear enough: Mookie had not done the right thing. The riot, in their opinion, resulted from the protagonist succumbing to “hate” in the ongoing battle with “love” that is poetically described by Radio Raheem earlier in the film.

What do the quotes at the end of Do the Right Thing mean?

Spike Lee concludes Do the Right Thing with two scrolling quotations accompanied by soft jazz, one from Martin Luther King, Jr. advocating peaceful protest and the other from Malcolm X advocating violence as self-defense.

What does Smiley symbolize in Do the Right Thing?

Smiley, then, as a gentle, well-meaning man with a powerful message, becomes the vehicle for the political statement found in Do the Right Thing, which lies somewhere in between the ideas represented by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

Is Ruby Dee still living?

June 11, 2014Ruby Dee / Date of death

Who is Ossie Davis wife?

Ruby DeeOssie Davis / Wife (m. 1948–2005)

Who is Pino Frangione in do the right thing?

Pino Frangione is a character in the film Do the Right Thing, portrayed by John Turturro. He is a racist Italian American who is one of Sal ‘s sons and the brother of Vito.

What does Pino say to Vito about Vito?

Pino tells Vito how his name is not “Vito Muhammad” and tells Mookie to stop putting things in his brother’s head. When Pino and Sal have a one-to-one talk with each other in a table in the pizzeria, he says how he is “sick of niggers” and wants to open a new place in their home neighborhood and shut this one down.

What did Mookie say to Pino?

He then utters on why “niggers are so stupid” and Mookie then has a talk with Pino on his favorite celebrities (who are black) and questions why he is racist.

Do the right thing and not do the popular thing?

You have to focus on what needs to be done, do the right thing, not the popular thing. Sometimes it is better to lose and do the right thing than to win and do the wrong thing. I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care. With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide.

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