What does Michael Oher do now?

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What does Michael Oher do now?

Oher is also the author of the New York Times best-selling book, ​I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness, to The Blind Side, and Beyond and plans on releasing another book next year on mental health and healing.

Was The Blind Side a lie?

In reality, Oher would indeed mostly keep to himself, as explained by Tony Henderson (aka Big Tony): “He was a good kid. He was real quiet and especially stayed to himself.” However, the real Michael claims the film exaggerated this aspect of his personality, particularly when it came to his approach to the gridiron.

What did Michael Oher think of The Blind Side movie?

Speaking to ESPN.com’s David Newton after practice on Wednesday, Oher admitted he doesn’t like the movie and the way it’s followed him throughout his NFL career. “I’m not trying to prove anything,” Oher told Newton. “People look at me, and they take things away from me because of a movie.

What happened to Michael Oher Panthers?

On June 17, 2016, Oher signed a three-year contract extension with the Panthers worth $21.6 million with $9.5 million guaranteed. Oher was placed on injured reserve on November 25, 2016 with a concussion—having played in only three games during the 2016 season. On July 20, 2017, Oher was released by the Panthers after a failed physical.

What happened to Michael Oher’s father?

Oher’s father was a former cellmate of Denise Oher’s brother and was murdered in prison when Oher was a senior in high school. Oher played football during his freshman year at a public high school in Memphis.

Who is Michael Oher?

Coached by Freeze and Tim Long, Briarcrest’s offensive line coach, Oher was named Division II (2A) Lineman of the Year in 2003, and First Team Tennessee All-State. Scout.com rated Oher a five-star recruit and the No. 5 offensive lineman prospect in the country.

What is Michael Oher’s contract with the Titans?

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