What does it mean when someone says you sound like cornbread?

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What does it mean when someone says you sound like cornbread?

1. rude slang An unsophisticated person from a rural area of the Southern US.

Why did they call Cedric Maxwell cornbread?

Nickname. Maxwell received the nickname “Cornbread” from his college teammate Melvin Watkins after the pair went to see the movie Cornbread, Earl and Me, in which a 12-year-old boy is traumatized by the murder of his friend, a star basketball player.

How did Cornbread start graffiti?

“People started laughing at me and calling me ‘Cornbread. ‘ I didn’t mind them calling me Cornbread. I wrote Cornbread on the back of my shirt.” McCray wrote his new nickname on everything: bus stops, street signs, benches, even on the side of an elephant at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Who is known as the father of graffiti art?

Widely recognized as the man who popularized the 3-D art style of graffiti, his work is often replicated by artists, but few have managed to match his skill and technical proficiency. DAIM, born Mirko Reisser in 1971, showed an early interest in art and was already getting commissions by the time he left high school.

What is Alltag von Daim?

The movie Alltag von DAIM (The everyday life of DAIM) by Christian Brodack shows the everyday life of the artist and his work during the development of the first charitable StrassenKunztEdition, that Mirko Reisser realized in cooperation with Hinz&Kunzt, Hamburg’s magazine for the aid of the homeless.

What is the best book on graffiti art in Germany?

Graffiti Art (in German). 1 (1st ed.). Berlin (Germany): Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf. pp. 88–91, 101, 120–127. ISBN 3-929139-58-8. van Treeck, Bernhard (1995). Writer Lexikon: American Graffiti (in German) (1st ed.). Moers (Germany): Edition Aragon. p. 38. ISBN 3-89535-428-7. van Treeck, Bernhard; Todt, Mark (1995).

Was sind Daim und Loomit?

Daim und Loomit – zwei Namen, die weit über die Graffiti-Szene hinaus bekannt sind. Für den neuen Opel Corsa haben die Künstler mehrere Motive gestaltet, auf denen es einiges zu entdecken gibt. ^ “Volvo Art Session Zürich”.

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