What does IBM TRIRIGA do?

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What does IBM TRIRIGA do?

The IBM® TRIRIGA® solution delivers an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that integrates functional models across real estate, capital projects, facilities, workplace operations, portfolio data, and environmental and energy management within a single technology platform.

How much does TRIRIGA cost?

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6. Simplified ERP Integration (Data Transfer Object). IBM TRIRIGA 10.5. 3 simplifies the process of transferring the lease accounting data into your ERP system by creating a Data Transfer Object (DTO) file that loads into the ERP General Ledger…

What are the TRIRIGA modules?

TRIRIGA’s Operations and Maintenance Management module improves processes for managing all campus, building, and equipment assets through streamlined, online records management, tracking work task service requests (including materials inventory, technician wrench time, and customer satisfaction to name a few), and …

Who uses tririga?

Companies using IBM Tririga Real Estate Management for Facility Management include: Walmart Inc., a United States based Retail organisation with 2300000 employees and revenues of $576.01 billion, Apple, Inc., a United States based Manufacturing organisation with 154000 employees and revenues of $366.00 billion, CVS …

Why you use tririga what is business benefits?

IBM TRIRIGA identifies funding priorities within capital programs, analyzes project risks and financial benefits, and automates project management controls and alerts that are essential to deliver ad-hoc projects and programs.

What is the meaning IWMS?

An integrated workplace management system (IWMS) is a software platform dedicated to administering and optimizing these resources, so an organization gets maximum usage from its various real estate, facilities and infrastructure assets.

What is tririga developer?

TRIRIGA is an Enterprise Workplace Management solution that combines TRIRIGA applications in a unique integrated package to automate and manage all the processes related to the workplace, from the Real Estate Portfolio planning to Facilities Space and Asset Management, Maintenance and Service Management, and Project …

Does IBM own tririga?

IBM’s purchase of Tririga, for an undisclosed amount, will allow the IT giant to further expand its Smarter Buildings initiative, while also moving the company toward its goal of earning half its profits from software by 2015.

What is the difference between CAFM and IWMS?

A simple way of distinguishing IWMS from CAFM is to look at it from an actionable approach. CAFM offers primarily administrative tools; IWMS offers deployable resources.

When did IBM buy tririga?

March 22, 2011
On March 22, 2011, IBM announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire privately held TRIRIGA, Inc., a Las Vegas, Nevada-based provider of facility and real estate management software solutions. Financial details were not disclosed. Cravath represented IBM in this transaction.

Who developed tririga?

In 2017, IBM deepened its strategic partnership with Wipro Limited to jointly develop and deliver IBM TRIRIGA solutions. The IBM TRIRIGA software development and support teams retained the “IBM TRIRIGA” name, but they were now reorganized under Wipro Limited with a shared IBM-Wipro roadmap.

What is IWMS in facility management?

What is IWMS in IBM?

What is the difference between CMMS and CAFM?

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Both types of software differ in terms of focus and scope. CAFM focuses on facilities management as a whole, while a CMMS system focuses exclusively on facility maintenance requests. Despite sharing similarities, it is crucial to choose a software system that best meets your unique requirements.

What is IBM TRIRIGA space management?

IBM TRIRIGA gives you a suite of capabilities, including dynamic space planning, indoor mapping and an AI assistant. You can also streamline leases, reduce the costs of capital projects and deliver greater value to the bottom line. Experience the IBM TRIRIGA Space Management Demo Benefits of IBM TRIRIGA®

What is TRIRIGA®?

IBM TRIRIGA® is an intelligent real estate and facilities management solution. Through the smart application of data, IoT and AI, TRIRIGA helps you unlock key information and insights, giving greater visibility into space and facility utilization, occupant experience, capital projects, and lease administration and accounting.

Which top Australian healthcare providers use IBM TRIRIGA?

A top Australian healthcare provider, Royal Melbourne Hospital used IBM TRIRIGA software to digitize facilities management processes. Watch how Teradyne used IBM TRIRIGA to achieve operational efficiency through better space optimization and utilization.

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