What does Holly Jolly Christmas mean?

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What does Holly Jolly Christmas mean?

it means have a happy Christmas Holly is a traditional festive plant in winter. Jolly is to be happy. “Holly jolly” rhymes well, which is good in poetry and for singing, and means to have a festive, happy Christmas.

How many versions of Holly Jolly Christmas are there?

two versions
The song itself Ives actually recorded two versions of “A Holly Jolly Christmas,” which was written by Marks in 1962, but it is the slower one, released in October 1965, that proved to be so successful.

Who sang Holly Jolly Christmas first?

singer Burl Ives
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas is a Christmas album by American folk singer Burl Ives, first released by Decca Records in October 1965 (recorded in November 1964)….Track listing.

No. 1.
Title “A Holly Jolly Christmas”
Writer(s) Johnny Marks
Length 2:15

Who wrote the song Have a Holly Jolly Christmas?

Johnny MarksHolly Jolly Christmas / LyricistJohn David Marks was an American songwriter. He specialized in Christmas songs and wrote many holiday standards, including “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”, “A Holly Jolly Christmas”, “Silver and Gold”, “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”, and “Run Rudolph Run”. Wikipedia

What is Holly Jolly?

“A Holly Jolly Christmas” (also called “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”) is a Christmas song written by Johnny Marks and most famously performed by Burl Ives. The song has since become one of the top 25 most-performed “holiday” songs written by ASCAP members, for the first five years of the 21st century.

What means jolly good?

idiom UK old-fashioned. used to express approval of something that someone has said or done, or to show that you have heard or understood what someone has said: “I’ve left all the papers you need on your desk.” “Oh, jolly good.” Words & phrases expressing agreement & acceptance.

Is there a Holly Jolly Christmas version?


Title Performer Release date
A Holly Jolly Christmas Arthur Godfrey 1967
A Holly Jolly Christmas The Harry Simeone Chorale October 1973
A Holly Jolly Christmas Alan Jackson November 20, 1992
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Moe Bandy March 4, 1996

When did Burl Ives pass away?

April 14, 1995Burl Ives / Date of death

On April 14, 1995, Ives died with Dorothy and his three stepchildren at his side. He possessed this wonderful, teddy-bear warmth. “I loved him, and I will miss him.

How old would Burl Ives be?

85 years (1909–1995)Burl Ives / Age at death

How old is the song Holly Jolly Christmas?

“A Holly Jolly Christmas” was written by Johnny Marks in 1962. It was the title song of The Quinto Sisters’ first album, Holly Jolly Christmas, recorded in June 1964 for Columbia Records, featuring guitarist Al Caiola with arrangements by Frank Hunter and Marty Manning.

What does Holly stand for?

The Druids regarded holly as a symbol of fertility and eternal life, thought to have magical powers. Holly Wreath on Old Door. Today, Christians have adopted the holly tree as a symbol for Christmas. The sharp leaves are said to symbolize the crown of thorns worn by Christ, while the berries represent his blood.

Who played guitar on Holly Jolly Christmas?

But Bradley frequently worked with guitarists Grady Martin and Hank Garland. And Bradley’s brother Harold, who is also credited as appearing on the album, played guitar, too. It’s likely that one of these three laid down the part.

Where does the phrase jolly good come from?

c. 1300 (late 13c. as a surname), from Old French jolif “festive, merry, amorous, pretty” (12c.) of uncertain origin (cognate with Italian giulivo “merry, pleasant”).

How do you greet Merry Christmas?

Wishing you all the best this holiday season!” “Wishing you a Christmas that’s merry and bright!” “We hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday season.” “I hope your holiday season is full of peace, joy and happiness.”

Is it unlucky to bring holly into the house?

In Christian tradition, the berries are often said to represent the blood spilt by Christ, and the prickly leaves his crown of thorns. 6. It is considered unlucky to bring holly into the house before Christmas Eve. 7.

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