What does CDU stand for in a hospital?

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What does CDU stand for in a hospital?

Clinical Decision Unit The Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) at UI Health is a designated area within the hospital that allow our providers to monitor and evaluate the medical condition of patients who do not meet criteria for inpatient admission but are not well enough to go home without require further observation.

What is the purpose of the CDU in the ER?

Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) The purpose of the CDU is to make safe and timely clinical decisions on patients who present to the emergency department with specific emergency conditions whose length of stay is likely to be between 6 and 24 hours in duration. A period of observation. An investigation, the results of which,…

Does a hospitalist-run geographic CDU reduce observation losses?

CDU patients had a similar 30-day ED or hospital revisit rate compared with observation patients pre-CDU. Conclusions: Implementing a hospitalist-run geographic CDU was associated with a 35% decrease in observation LOS for CDU patients compared with a 3.7% decrease for medical-surgical observation patients.

When should a patient be admitted to the CDU?

This timeframe starts on hospital arrival (i.e. into the ED). Time in the ED and as an observation patient may count toward the first midnight. If an observation patient cannot be discharged on the second day then inpatient admission should be considered before the third day. General principles of CDU patient selection Focused patient care goal

What happens in the CDU?

While in the CDU, physicians evaluate whether a patient can safely return home or whether the patient’s condition requires admission to an inpatient unit to continue his/her care.

How many beds are there in an Ed/CDU?

As a “service”, each ED/CDU always has a capacity according to the local CDU size (i.e. an 8-bed capacity at EUHM) . The unit is generally staffed with two RNs for eight beds. With variations in CDU nurses or CDU patients, some flexibility is required to maximize resource utilization. Using an 8 bed unit as an example:

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