What does Barton Malow Company do?

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What does Barton Malow Company do?

Barton Malow Builders focuses on commercial and institutional construction, specializing in building projects using innovative practices. With market specialties that include commercial, healthcare, higher education, K12, and sports + entertainment, the team strives to partner with clients each step of the way.

Where is Barton Malow based?

It is because of this commitment from our team members that Barton Malow continues to thrive. Beginning as a small Detroit, Michigan, contractor, Barton Malow has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry leader through the dedicated service of hundreds of team members driven to build innovative solutions.

Is Barton Malow a good company to work for?

Barton Malow is the best of the best in the entire Detroit metro area and arguably the state of Michigan if you’re a carpenter or commercial tradesman. They provide the best equipment, high safety standards, top notch management and logistics, and excellent quality of life for their employees in general.

Who owns Barton Malow?

Ryan Maibach
Ryan Maibach is the President and CEO of Barton Malow Holdings. A fourth-generation builder, Ryan spent time in the family business at a young age and chose to pursue a construction engineering degree at Purdue University. Upon completion, Ryan began his career at Barton Malow Company as a project engineer in 1997.

Who founded Barton Malow?

Carl Oscar Barton
Barton Malow’s origins date to 1924 when Carl Oscar Barton founded the C.O. Barton Company in Detroit, Michigan. The Canada-born Barton, age 26, had studied engineering at the University of Michigan, and after a brief stint at the Detroit Water Board had begun working for the J.A. Utley Company, a general contractor.

When was Barton Malow founded?

1924: C.O. Barton Company is formed as a general contractor in Detroit, Michigan. 1927: Arnold Malow invests $25,000 to help save the firm from bankruptcy. 1932: The company is renamed Barton Malow Co.

Will longsworth Barton Malow?

Will Longsworth is Director of Finance for Barton Malow Company, a multi-billion dollar construction services firm. In this role, he leads the firm’s capital allocation and corporate investment efforts with an emphasis on growth and value creation.

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