What does a car protection plan cover?

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What does a car protection plan cover?

A vehicle protection plan (AKA a “vehicle service contract”) is add-on coverage that you can purchase for extra peace of mind that covers repair and maintenance services after your warranty has expired. Though this type of plan is often referred to as an “extended warranty,” that term is actually a misnomer.

What is the average cost of CarShield protection?

about $89 to $130 per month
CarShield cost CarShield offers lower costs than some major competitors according to our secret shopper research, with prices ranging from about $89 to $130 per month. You can purchase a warranty with a set term or a month-to-month contract.

Is CarShield and protect my car the same?

Protect My Car and CarShield are both good options for extended auto warranty coverage. While Protect My Car has a stronger customer service reputation, CarShield offers more contracts and coverage at a lower cost. We think Protect My Car may offer greater peace of mind, but you’ll pay a premium for that.

What Car shield does not cover?

CarShield plans cover parts in the brake system, but they don’t cover brake pads, shoes, or rotors. CarShield covers parts such as the master cylinder, power assist booster, and actuators.

Is a head gasket covered under warranty?

A powertrain warranty will not only cover the head gasket but the entire powertrain components. This plan is necessary since repairing and fixing most powertrain parts is usually very expensive.

What is the waiting period for CarShield?

20 days and 500 miles
CarShield plans have a standard waiting period of 20 days and 500 miles before coverage kicks in. This delay protects the company from paying for a repair the customer already knew about. Representatives can note what is wrong with your car when you sign up for an extended vehicle service contract.

Are new tires covered under warranty?

Tires have a separate warranty New-car tires are not covered by the vehicle’s basic warranty. Instead, the warranty comes from the tiremaker, and it’s outlined in a booklet you should find in your new car’s glove box. The tire warranty protects against premature tire wear or manufacturing defects.

What is the best vehicle protection plan?

Endurance: Best Coverage. We named Endurance the Best Coverage provider for an extended car warranty.

  • CARCHEX: Best For Used Cars. CARCHEX has been in business for over 20 years and has an A+rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with accreditation.
  • CarShield: Best Value. CarShield is the Best Value provider we came across.
  • Is car repair insurance worth it?

    Unforeseen veterinary bills can come as quite a financial blow, so having pet insurance can well be worth it. But it wasn’t until I adopted my own dog that I realized the benefits and peace of mind that comes along with pet insurance.

    Why is CarShield not allowed in California?

    Why is CarShield not allowed in California? Like many other extended warranty companies, CarShield chooses not to operate in California due to the stricter rules and regulations concerning aftermarket extended auto warranties. How much does CarShield cost each month?

    What is covered with CarShield?

    24-hour roadside assistance

  • Courtesy towing for breakdowns
  • Rental car reimbursement (not included with all plans)
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