What does a Baja 272 weigh?

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What does a Baja 272 weigh?

Based on engines chosen for the discontinued 272 model, which the 275 replaced, that will be the most popular power choice, according to our Baja rep….Baja 275Hull and Propulsion Information.

Deadrise at transom 24 degrees
Centerline 27’2″
Beam 8’4″
Hull weight 4,400 pounds
Engine MerCruiser 496 Mag

How much does a 30 foot Baja weigh?


Length Overall 30′ 1”
Beam 8′ 6”
Dry Weight 6,900 lbs.
Draft 35”
Deadrise/Transom 24 deg.

Is Baja Outlaw a good boat?

Baja 20 Outlaw At just under $25,000, Baja’s smallest Outlaw is well-made, nicely finished and while not lavishly equipped, has everything you need for a play boat that can tow a couple of skiers or carry five adults to 62 mph. The large area under the forward deck is finished off as a convenient storage area.

How much gas does a Baja boat hold?


Length Overall 25′ 0”
Deadrise/Transom 24 deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 96 gal.

How fast is a Baja boat?

Comparison Test: 4 Compact Muscle Boats

MAKE/MODEL Baja 20 Outlaw Velocity 220
PRICE AS TESTED $24,995 $68,500
ACCELERATION (plane/30/50 mph) 5.19/7.18/10.46 sec. 4.70/8.27/12.96 sec.
TOP SPEED 61.6 mph @ 5200 rpm 75 mph @ 4800 rpm

Can you put car gas in a boat?

Yes, you can use the same gasoline as a car in your boat engines; however, this fuel must be E10 or ethanol-free gasoline. E15 or gasoline with higher levels of ethanol is not recommended.

Can you put boat gas in a car?

The short answer is, no, ethanol-free gasoline is not bad for your car. Most cars today can run on ethanol gas blends up to E15 (15% ethanol) and on non-ethanol gasoline. And flex fuel vehicles can handle up to E85 (85% ethanol) without a problem.

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