What do I do at the Chapel of Skorm?

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What do I do at the Chapel of Skorm?

At the Chapel of Skorm you can sacrifice followers to Skorm to receive his gifts. You can obtain various gifts, such as the title Necromancer and 4-10 years age reduction, although the most treasured and valued gift is the infamous Skorm’s Bow, the strongest bow in Fable.

Why can’t I get Skorm’s bow?

If you don’t get the Bow at the first try, reload your game and try again. If you’re doing the Trader Escort quest, go to the Chapel of Skorm right after they have had their break at the Camp and sacrifice the dark-hatted trader just before morning. You will get the bow right away.

How do you get the necromancer title in fable?

The gift of extended life and the Necromancer title can be earned by getting 400 or more EVIL points per sacrifice after getting Skorm’s Bow….Always save before making sacrifices!

  1. Sacrifice someone for 750 or more EVIL points.
  2. Sacrifice someone for 400 or more EVIL points.
  3. Sacrifice someone for 400 or more EVIL points.

Who is Skorm?

Skorm is an evil god of Albion, discredited by the Oracle, which tells the Hero that Skorm and Avo were actually false gods made up by a merchant who discovered two places where the will energy was especially strong.

Are there gods in fable?

The two largest deities of this period however were Avo and Skorm. Avo was a benevolent god who accepted donations of gold, while Skorm was an evil god who accepted human sacrifices.

Who is AVO fable?

Avo is a god who represents the light side alignment. He is a direct counterpart to Skorm, who represents evil. Two hundred years before the events of Fable, followers of Avo and Skorm fought a holy war, as shown by the Holy Warrior Helm and Daemon Warrior Helm found in the Northern Wastes.

What is the best bow in Fable anniversary?

Skorm’s Bow
Skorm’s Bow – The most powerful ranged weapon in “Fable,” this longbow was rumored to have belonged to the god Skorm. It even looks powerful, feating a blood red plate that encompasses the wielder’s hand.

Can you have kids with Lady GREY fable?

In Fable, TLC and Anniversary she will not obey the command ‘follow’ no matter how many gifts you give her or how much she seems to like you. However, you can have sex with her, but she must be in her house and it is very difficult and time-consuming to convince her to go to bed with you.

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