What did Mrs McGillicuddy saw?

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What did Mrs McGillicuddy saw?

Plot summary. Mrs Elspeth McGillicuddy is on her way from a shopping expedition to visit her old friend Jane Marple for Christmas. Her train passes another train running parallel and in the same direction as her train. Then, a blind in one compartment flies up and she sees a man with his back to her strangling a woman.

Who played Marple after Margaret Rutherford?

Joan Hickson (1984-1992) Still viewed by many fans as the iconic Miss Marple on screen, Joan Hickson narrowly beat Margaret Rutherford to top our poll with 41.30% of the votes!

Who did Lucy Eyelesbarrow marry?

Most would rather see her end up with Inspector Dermot Craddock (whom she interacts with only once or twice), or remain single and independent like Miss Marple herself. The BBC adaptation pairs Lucy with Bryan Eastley instead, while the ITV adaptation has Lucy reject her other two suitors in favour of the Inspector.

Is Amanda Holden in Agatha Christie?

Amanda Holden: Miss Marple It’s been 15 years since she played Lucy Eyelesbarrow in the ‘4:50 from Paddington’ episode of Agatha Christie’s Marple.

Where did they film the 4.50 from Paddington?

Knebworth House, Knebworth, Herts, UK – Marple, 4:50 From Paddington (2004)

Who played Miss Marple?

Geraldine McEwanMiss MarpleJulia McKenzieMiss MarpleAmanda HoldenLucy EyelesbarrowJoanna LumleyDolly BantryGreta ScacchiTuppence BeresfordRachael StirlingGriselda Clement
Agatha Christie’s Marple/Actresses

Who played the best Miss Marple?

1 Margaret Rutherford The first, best, and most definitive portrayal of Miss Marple belongs to Margaret Rutherford, the London-born actress who first played the part in the 1962 adaptation of The Mirror Crack’d Side to Side.

Why did Geraldine McEwan leave Marple?

Miss Marple actress Geraldine McEwan is to quit playing the genteel sleuth after five years, she announced yesterday. The star, 75, said her decision was influenced by a fall before Christmas in which she broke a hip.

Did Miss Marple have a sidekick?

In her later years, companion Cherry Baker, first introduced in The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side, lives in. Miss Marple has never worked for her living and is of independent means, although she benefits in her old age from the financial support of her nephew Raymond.

Where was the 4.50 from Paddington filmed?

Who is Amanda Holden Nan?

Amanda’s real-life nan was actually named Ethel Thomas but sadly died back in 2018 at the age of 97.

Who first played Miss Marple?

American TV was the setting for the first screen portrayal of Miss Marple with Gracie Fields, the British actress and singer, playing her in a 1956 episode of Goodyear TV Playhouse based on A Murder Is Announced, the 1950 Christie novel.

Is actress Geraldine McEwan still alive?

January 30, 2015Geraldine McEwan / Date of death

Who was Agatha Christie’s favorite Miss Marple?

Joan Hickson
2020-01-10. The newest addition to our stellar lineup of clever and lovable female detectives is none other than Agatha Christie’s iconic spinster sleuth, Miss Marple. The 1984 BBC version starring Joan Hickson is widely considered to be the favourite adaptation of the iconic character.

Is Myrtle mandys real nan?

Is Myrtle Amanda Holden’s real nan? No, Myrtle in The Holden Girls isn’t Amanda Holden’s real nan. In fact, in this E4 comedy, she’s played by Leigh Francis. In the run up to the series, Myrtle’s identity was kept under wraps, and it was only in the first episode the actor was unveiled.

Is Leigh Francis Myrtle Holden?

The new idea, if that’s not too generous, is that Amanda Holden plays Amanda Holden, a British celebrity. Francis, in thick rubber mask and Mrs Doubtfire outfits, plays her grandmother, Myrtle, “a cleaner from Doncaster who knows nothing about the world of celebrity”. Yes.

Why did Geraldine McEwan leave Miss Marple?

Miss Marple actress Geraldine McEwan is to quit. Miss Marple actress Geraldine McEwan is to quit playing the genteel sleuth after five years, she announced yesterday. The star, 75, said her decision was influenced by a fall before Christmas in which she broke a hip.

What happened to Geraldine McEwan Miss Marple?

On 30 January 2015, Geraldine sadly passed away aged 82 at hospital after suffering a stroke three months earlier. Her family put out a statement to announce the news. “Following a stroke at the end of October and a period in hospital, Geraldine McEwan passed away peacefully on 30 January.

Who played Miss Marple the longest?

Is Myrtle Holden Keith Lemon?

However, it is in fact Leigh Francis who is pretending to be Amanda’s outspoken grandmother. For those who don’t know, the comedian is better known through his character/public persona of Keith Lemon.

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