What did Benjamin Franklin say about George Whitefield?

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What did Benjamin Franklin say about George Whitefield?

Once Franklin invited Whitefield to stay with him, and Whitefield thanked him for “that kind Offer for Christ’s sake.” Franklin replied, “Don’t let me be mistaken; it was not for Christ’s sake but for your sake.” But finally Whitefield came to grief over his writing, which critics could attack more easily than his …

Did Benjamin Franklin support the Great Awakening?

Franklin replied, “Don’t let me be mistaken; it was not for Christ’s sake, but for your sake.” In the end, Franklin’s association with Whitefield and his role in promoting the Great Awakening benefited him greatly.

What was George Whitefield known for?

George Whitefield, together with John Wesley and Charles Wesley, founded the Methodist movement. An Anglican evangelist and the leader of Calvinistic Methodists, he was the most popular preacher of the Evangelical Revival in Great Britain and the Great Awakening in America.

Who was the famous friend of George Whitefield?

James Habersham
Nevertheless, George Whitefield and his friend, James Habersham, played an important role in the reintroduction of slavery to Georgia. Slavery had been outlawed in the young colony of Georgia in 1735.

What did George Whitefield do during the Great Awakening?

George Whitefield, a minister from Britain, had a significant impact during the Great Awakening. Whitefield toured the colonies up and down the Atlantic coast, preaching his message. In one year, Whitefield covered 5,000 miles in America and preached more than 350 times.

Was Franklin a Calvinist?

Franklin grew up in a devout Puritan family in colonial Boston, but by his teen years the bookish boy began to doubt key aspects of his parents’ Calvinist faith. Abandoning Christianity altogether, however, was not a realistic option for someone as immersed as Franklin in the Bible’s precepts and the habits of faith.

What did Benjamin Franklin do in the Enlightenment?

Franklin’s work as a printer, scientist, and politician helped shed the light of liberty across a new nation. Over the next few decades, the Founders contributed to the American Enlightenment associated with creating a political novus ordo seclorum, a “new order for the ages.”

What did Whitefield preach about?

Whitefield preached the core tenets of the gospel, those things which if denied, it would be impossible for one to be a Christian. Themes like the humanity of Christ, His death on the cross for sinners, His burial, and resurrection, and the call to believe upon Him by faith permeated his messages.

What impact did George Whitefield have on the colonies?

Why is Ben Franklin considered one of the greatest in the Enlightenment period?

Franklin, perhaps the colonies’ most prominent Enlightenment thinker, most famously contributed to human knowledge with his innovative scientific discoveries. He began wondering whether lightning were a form of electricity.

What was Benjamin Franklin’s role in the Enlightenment?

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