What common ports are most important to remember?

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What common ports are most important to remember?

What are the most commonly used ports?

  • HTTP – Port 80.
  • HTTPS – 443.
  • FTP – 21.
  • FTPS / SSH – 22.
  • POP3 – 110.
  • POP3 SSL – 995.
  • IMAP – 143.
  • IMAP SSL – 993.

Should I close port 23?

Please block Port 23 and make sure Telnet services are disable. Port 139 – Used by NetBIOS Session Services. Among other things this port is vulnerable to Null session attacks, where an attacker can connect to the Windows IPC share without valid user credentials, and then gain access to other parts of the server.

Can I disable Msrpc?

MSRPC is Microsoft remote procedure call. You can disable it by : goto run — type services. msc — search for RPC (remote procedure call) — stop/disable it.

How do I learn common ports?

For common protocols, there are standard assigned port numbers that are always the same. Port 80 is always the HTTP port. Anyone who works with devices that communicate with one another ends up knowing these numbers by heart….Common Ports You Need To Memorize.

Port Protocol TCP/UDP
161/162 SNMP UDP

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