What Colour is H4?

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What Colour is H4?

Its dominant colour is blue. The metallic appearance of the metallic Ford (europe) colour allows it to be produced only as a varnish finish….Ford (europe) H4 Imperial Blu Mica Met. color informations.

Colour H4
Description Imperial Blu Mica Met.
Years 1990 – 2005

What color is H5?

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What color is D4?

Rapid Red
Ford: Rapid Red/Lucid Red Pearl Metallic – Paint Code D4.

What bulb is equivalent to H4?

The H4, HB2, and 9003 are essentially all the same bulb and can be used interchangeably.

What color is Caribou Ford?

Genuine Ford Motorcraft Touch Up Paint Bottle Caribou Brown H5 7335 with Clear Coat.

Is Ford paint code D4 Tri coat?

Ford Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Tricoat D4 Touch Up Paint.

What color is RR?

Ruby Red Metallic
Ford Ruby Red Metallic Tricoat RR Touch Up Paint.

What Colour is Z40R?

Vauxhall 40R Car Touch up Paint Olympic White | GAZ Z40R | No lacquer required.

Are 9003 same as H4?

On the outside, there is absolutely no difference between H4 and 9003. Both share the same housing, the same dual-filament internals, and the same three-pronged connection. So, of course, they are interchangeable, i.e., installing a 9003 bulb in a vehicle equipped with H4s, and vice-versa.

What is paint code RR?

Ruby Red – Paint Code RR.

What color is paint code UG?

White Platinum UG
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