What causes visceral referred pain?

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What causes visceral referred pain?

The referred pain occurs because of multiple primary sensory neurons converging on a single ascending tract. When the painful stimuli arise in visceral receptors the brain is unable to distinguish visceral signals from the more common signals that arise from somatic receptors.

What is an example of visceral pain of the abdominal?

Examples of visceral pain are bladder pain, endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, and prostate pain. Some describe visceral pain as a generalized squeezing or aching.

Is visceral pain the same as referred pain?

Unlike referred pain, visceral pain comes directly from the organ involved. Because most of the organs in the abdomen don’t have many nerve fibers, the pain may be dull, hard to locate precisely, and may be either constant or intermittent. The location of the pain is often an indication of the cause.

What is visceral parietal and referred pain?

Visceral pain is experienced when the walls of an organ are stretched and the nerves send signals to the brain. Due to the lack of nerves, the pain is poorly localized and often described as an ache or cramp. Parietal pain is caused by irritation of the peritoneal lining that surrounds the abdominal cavity.

What are the causes of visceral pain?

Causes of True Visceral Pain. Any stimulus that excites pain nerve endings in diffuse areas of the viscera can cause visceral pain.

  • “Parietal Pain” Caused by Visceral Disease.
  • Localization of Visceral Pain— “Visceral” and the “Parietal” Pain Transmission Pathways.
  • Which patient is experiencing visceral pain?

    Visceral pain. Pain described as squeezing, pressure, cramping, distention, dull, deep, and stretching is visceral in origin. Visceral pain is manifested in patients after abdominal or thoracic surgery. It also occurs secondary to liver metastases or bowel or venous obstruction.

    Is it normal to have abdominal pain everyday?

    It can range in intensity from a mild ache to severe, disabling pain. While abdominal pain isn’t normal, it isn’t necessarily serious, and it often resolves itself.

    What is an example of visceral pain?


  • Twisting
  • Colicky
  • Deep
  • Pressure
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