What caliber takes down an elephant?

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What caliber takes down an elephant?

620 inch caliber and velocities around 2,000 ft/s (610 m/s) they possessed vastly improved trajectory and penetration over their black powder forebears. Within a few years the mighty bore guns of the previous era largely disappeared from the gamefields.

Can you hunt elephants with 45 70?

45-70, when loaded with the proper bullets at appropriate velocities, has been used to hunt the African “big-five.” The . 45-70 has been loaded and used to hunt everything from birds to elephants and the cartridge is still undergoing new development work.

What ammo does the elephant rifle use?

nitro express
The elephant rifle only uses a special kind of custom ammunition named nitro express, which can also be bought from a gunsmith for $0.40 per box of four shells, making it a pretty expensive gun to fire.

What is the best gun for hunting elephants?

CZ 550 . 375 H&H Magnum is a solid choice. The CZ 550 chambered in . 375 H&H is well suited for hunting dangerous game and a hunter carrying one is adequately armed for hunting even the biggest elephant and buffalo. The rifle has a controlled round feed action, which is essential for hunting dangerous game.

How much is an elephant gun worth?

The Elephant Rifle costs $580.00 or 24 gold bars, so make sure you’ve got enough currency before you make the journey to grab it.

Where can I buy an Elephant Rifle?

Acquisition. The Elephant Rifle is available for purchase at any gunsmith for $580.00 or 24 Gold Bars.

How much is it to shoot an elephant?

The right to shoot an elephant will cost between $10,000 and $70,000 depending on its size, he said.

Are elephant hunts legal?

Despite their size, Elephants are worthy of their status and offer one of the most arduous challenges available today. Elephant hunting is allowed in African countries where their populations are stable, adequately protected and well managed.

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