What are the two dipping sauces at hibachi?

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What are the two dipping sauces at hibachi?

Both Ginger Sauce and Yum Yum Sauce are the most popular Japanese steakhouse hibachi sauces. If you’ve been to the the popular Benihana Japanese Steakhouse chain you’ll know that their ginger sauce is their #1 requested sauce.

What are the two sauces at Benihana?


  • GINGER SAUCE 1 pint. $6.50. 160 Calories.
  • GINGER DRESSING 1 pint. $6.50. 960 Calories.
  • Benihana Original Yum Yum Sauce™ 1 Pint. $7.40. 2770 Calories.
  • Benihana Original Garlic Sauce™ 1 Pint. $8.00. 1440 Calories.
  • TERIYAKI SAUCE 1 pint. $7.80.
  • MUSTARD SAUCE 1 pint. $6.00.
  • SPICY MAYO 1 oz. $0.70.

What is the sauce at Benihana called?

If you’ve ever eaten at Benihana or a similar Hibachi steak house, you have likely begun salivating when you dunk a succulent piece of steak into their famous hibachi ginger sauce. Every time we go to Benihana, I end up dousing my steak, shrimp, veggies AND rice with that stuff.

What is the Japanese spicy sauce called?

Wasabi. Wasabi, or Japanese horseradish, is a root that’s freshly ground into a spicy paste used to season all kinds of dishes, including grilled beef and chicken, cold noodle dishes, and ochazuke (a dish of rice and toppings with hot tea or broth poured over it).

What sauces are used in hibachi?

Hibachi restaurant offers a variety of dipping sauces to match meat and vegetables. The most common sauces include ginger, sesame, miso, fruit and white sauce. Ginger juice, usually watery and brown, contains ginger, garlic, soy sauce, white vinegar or sake, sugar, and sometimes onion, oil or lemon juice.

What is yum yum sauce called at Benihana?

Sometimes it’s called Japanese shrimp sauce, Benihana Yum yum sauce, or hibachi shrimp sauce. It is a delicious and beneficial sauce for our health. You always enjoy this Sauce whenever you go to the restaurant.

What is Yuki sauce?

Description. Kikkoman yuki soy sauce has the Japanese Agricultural Standard organic certification. The soybeans and wheat are brewed with water and salt using Kikkoman’s natural fermentation process, resulting in a rich tasting soy sauce.

What sauce does Japanese restaurants use?

Soy Sauce – Shoyu Shoyu, or soy sauce, is perhaps the most well known of Japanese condiments. It’s a dark sauce made from fermented boiled soybeans and roasted wheat, creating a salty but pleasant, savory taste. You will find it not only in traditional Japanese restaurants but also in most any restaurant in Japan.

What is Marudaizu Shoyu?

Kikkoman’s marudaizu shoyu is one of Kikkoman’s purest soy sauces, made with only four ingredients. The marudaizu soy sauce is traditionally brewed using whole soybeans. Most soy sauce is brewed with chopped soy beans, but using whole beans means the brewing and fermenting process takes longer.

What is yum yum sauce made of hibachi?

Our yum yum sauce ingredients include mayonnaise, sugar, butter, paprika, ketchup, rice vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder and mirin. For a smokier version you can add a touch of smoked paprika.

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Can you freeze Benihana secret sauces?

These top secret sauces will go well with a variety of Asian dishes and can be frozen in sealed containers for weeks at a time. If it’s the Benihana Chicken and Steak you crave, you can find my clone recipe here .

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