What are the subjects in first year BSc?

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What are the subjects in first year BSc?

BSc Syllabus consists of subjects like Maths, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Statistics, Psychology, Nutrition, Forestry, Computer Science, Home Science, Microbiology, Genetics, Agriculture etc.

How many subjects are there in B Sc?

Generally, there are 2-3 core BSc subjects, and the rest are electives for students to choose from.

How many departments are there in Manipur University?


Sl.No. Department Intake
4 Department of Law 30
5 Department of Library & Information Science 30
6 Department of Mass Communication 36
7 Manipur Institute of Management Studies 63 63

Is there BA in Manipur University?

Placements: I completed B.A (Hons) in sociology in Imphal College, Manipur University. The percentage of students who opt for our stream was quite low compared to other streams.

How many subjects are there in degree 1st year?

there are 5 subjects in first year of degree.

What is the passing marks in BSc?

The candidates must secure a minimum of 50% marks in each head of passing and 50% marks in the aggregate in the University Examination. Theory and Practical / Clinical Examination will be treated as separate heads of Passing.

Is Manipur safe?

Safety and Security – Local Travel – East and North East India We advise against all travel in Manipur and against all but essential travel to Imphal. If you plan to travel to Imphal then do so only by air. There is a risk from insurgent groups, mainly in rural areas.

What is the syllabus of BSc 1st year physics?

BSc Physics Subjects: 1st Year

Semiconductor Devices Computer Programming and Thermodynamics
Wave and Optics I Classical Mechanics and theory of relativity
Properties of Matter and Kinetic Theory of Gases Physics Lab
Mechanics & Properties of Matter Physical Chemistry- I

What is the total marks of B Sc 1st year?

B.Sc. ( Hons) Nursing First Year (Scheme of Examination)

8.Odiya(R/Language) 50
Practical and Viva Voce
9.Nursing Foundation 100 100
Total 325 475

How is BSc 1st year percentage calculated?

You have to take the total marks of all subjects excluding language subjects like Tamil, English for all the three years. For example if you score 72,70,65,58 in first year your percentage of marks is sum of marks divided by 400*100 i.e 66.25.

Why is Manipur poor?

The poverty of the hills is reflected in illiteracy, ill health, unemployment, failure of commerce, and the general lack of development, and the resulting dissatisfaction is manifest in political agitations, including the problem of insurgency in the hills. Unemployment is one of the main causes of poverty in Manipur.

What is the syllabus of BSc first year?

The B.Sc first-year syllabus offers a basic brushup of 10+2 concepts and introduces some advanced concepts in the domain. The B.Sc second-year syllabus is crucial as it brings in more advanced theoretical subjects about the field. The syllabus also includes CBCS electives which offer options for students to choose subjects.

What is the scope of BSc in Kumaun University?

BSc in Kumaun University is a 3-year degree program that can be done after completing 10+2 with Science stream. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Computer Sci, IT, etc are some of the major subjects you can choose from while doing a Bachelor’s in Science from Kumaun University.

Which is the first mathematics book in the syllabus of BSc 2nd year?

The first mathematics book in the syllabus of BSc 2nd year is Higher & Abstract Algebra, where you will learn about a totally new concept, i.e. Group & Ring Theory.

What is the syllabus of BSc Computer Science at Madras University?

BSc Computer Science at Madras University is spreadover six semesters and the syllabus is designed to achieve a high degree of technical skills in Problem solving and application development. Mumbai University offers a regular 3 year BSc Computer Science syllabus for the CS enthusiasts.

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