What are the practices of Umayamnon?

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What are the practices of Umayamnon?

The Umayamnon traces their kinds bilaterally, that is the blood relations of both father and mother are esteemed as close relatives. Reciprocal roles are expected from them like helping raise a ransom or a bride price, sharing games or catch for the day or participating in a communal field clearing the kagsakum.

What props are used in kaamulan festival?

Several tribal folks representing these seven hill tribes of Bukidnon gather in unity with the local dwellers in town, wearing their intricately woven costumes studded with trinkets, anklets, earrings, necklaces, leglets, headdresses and amulets.

What is the description of Kaamulan?

Kaamulan comes from the Binukid word “amul” meaning to gather. Kaamulan is gathering for a purpose—a datuship ritual, a wedding ceremony, a thanksgiving festival during harvest time, a peace pact, or all of these together.

What makes kaamulan festival unique?

Kaamulan is the dubbed as the only authentic ethnic festival celebrated in the whole Philippines wherein we celebrate the richness of Bukidnon in terms of culture, ethnicity and language. Kaamulan promotes cultural preservation and recognition for each tribe.

How do higaonon tribe celebrate their culture of peace?

Culture of Peace: An ancient ritual for making peace or for settling modern-day conflicts is the tampudas hu Balagun, or the treaty of the green vine branch. Literally it means the cutting of the vine, and is symbolic of the act of cutting short feuds among the ethnic groups.

What is KAAMULAN FESTIVAL costume?

The costumes are well-curated and inspired by authentic tribal dresses and jewelries. One of the unique things about this fiesta is that actual tribe members go on parade with the civic community to showcase their culture and traditions. The spears and the shields are replicated based on actual weapons from the tribes.

What is tribal suite?

TRIBAL SUITE pockets of cultural minorities live in the style of their forebearers in the hills and mountains throughout the Philippine Archipelago. The hillside and interior of Mindanao are inhabited by non-Christian Filipino tribes whose culture and animistic beliefs predate both Islam and Christianity.


The celebration began in the year 1974 during the town fiesta when local officials specifically Edilberto Mamawag, invited some tribespeople to perform their cultural dances in honor of San Isidro Labrador, the town’s former vice mayor.

Why do Filipinos celebrate the festival?

Q: Why festivals are celebrated in the Philippines? A: Philippine festivals are way to promote each province’s patron saint or most known products. For religious festival in the Philippines, Filipinos express their gratitude to the patron saints for bountiful blessings.

What are the tradition of Higaonon?

The culture of Higanaon tribe can best be described as a culture of Peace, for solving their internal conflicts or settle feuds among other ethnic groups, the tribes practises an ancient ritual: the tampudas hu Balagun, or the treaty of the green vine branch, a symbolic ans traditonal cutting of the vine.

What is the beliefs of Higaonon?

The Higaonons believed in supernatural beings that dwelt in mountains, forests, trees, or simply existed in some portion of the universe. They also believed in the existence of beneficent spirits like those of their dead datus as well as in malevolent ones, and in the creator of all things—the God Magbabaya.

What is Sinulog festival costume?

The skirt is wavy, to produce a water-like motion while the queen is dancing. The sleeves also include similar material to simulate waves while in motion. Some parts of the gown are semi-transparent, to show the nature of light and water regarding its purity. It emphasizes the dancer’s hands and feet movements.

What are the 5 suites in Filipino dance?

Philippine folk dances consist of five major suites, namely Cordillera, Maria Clara, Muslim, Lumad, and Rural. Each of the suites involves a repertoire of folk dances that hail from different locations in the country.

What are the three different dances of the tribes?

Tribal dances not only vary from one tribe to another but also fall into many different categories, such as weapon dances, fertility dances, Sun- and Moon-worshipping dances, initiation dances, war dances, and hunting dances.

What is kaamulan festival costume?

What is the process of kaamulan festival?

The festivities include a grand street dancing and float parade, a tableau presentation, a concert of traditional songs and dances, a traditional tribal sports fest, art exhibits, rodeo and a month long trade fair.

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