What are the costovertebral joints?

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What are the costovertebral joints?

The costovertebral joints describe two groups of synovial plane joints which connect the proximal end of the ribs with their corresponding vertebrae, enclosing the thoracic cage from the posterior side. Precisely, these joints are described as;

What is the function of the costovertebral complex?

The costovertebral complex is an essential component of the biomechanics of chest wall movement. The costovertebral ligaments make the actions of the costovertebral joints and intervertebral movement possible. The ligaments function to: Affix, stabilize and allow some motion of the ribs on the thoracic vertebra at the costovertebral joint.

What are the costocorporeal joints of the ribs?

The connection between the heads of the ribs with the sides of one, or two adjacent vertebral bodies are known as the costocorporeal joints/joints of head of ribs. The articulations of the necks and tubercles of the ribs with the transverse processes of their corresponding thoracic vertebra are the costotransverse joints.

What are the ligaments that support the costovertebral joints?

A number of small ligaments also support the costovertebral joints: Radiate ligament of head of rib – Fans outwards from the head of the rib to the bodies of the two vertebrae and intervertebral disc. Costotransverse ligament – Connects the neck of the rib and the transverse process.

What are the costosternal and costochondral joints?

Closely related to the costovertebral and costotransverse joints, which articulate the ribs posteriorly with the thoracic vertebrae, are the costosternal and costochondral joints, which articulate the ribs anteriorly with the sternum.

Who is a candidate for A Costotransverse or costovertebral joint injection?

Patients with upper back pain, pain between the ribs and thorax pain may be candidates for a costotransverse or costovertebral joint injection. The injections have two purposes: to confirm the diagnosis that these joints are the source of the back pain and secondly, to offer temporary pain relief.

Will a costovertebral joint sprain heal on its own?

Usually in minor cases, costovertebral joint sprains will heal on their own without medical intervention when proper care is taken. Common treatment includes: Initially RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) treatment should be tried at home.

What is the best treatment for costovertebral joint disorder?

Physiotherapy treatment for a costovertebral joint disorder 1 Hydrotherapy 2 Taping 3 Soft Tissue Treatment 4 Acupuncture

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