What are the best jobs in the Air Force for enlisted?

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What are the best jobs in the Air Force for enlisted?

The U.S. Air Force offers several different career paths to its enlisted members….Best U.S. Air Force jobs

  1. Pilot.
  2. Public affairs officer.
  3. Flight engineer.
  4. Security forces.
  5. Operations intelligence.
  6. Air traffic control.
  7. Tactical aircraft maintenance.

What all jobs are there in the Air Force?

Pilot. OFFICER. Pilot.

  • Flight Operations. ENLISTED. Air Traffic Control.
  • Avionics & Integrated Systems. ENLISTED. Special Warfare Forces / Personnel Recovery Integrated Communications / Navigation / Mission Systems.
  • Avionics & Integrated Systems. ENLISTED.
  • Flight Operations. ENLISTED.
  • Flight Operations. ENLISTED.
  • What are 3 military occupations that are available for the Air Force?

    The United States Air Force offers numerous careers for its airmen, but a few specific careers are categorized as in demand….Special Operations

    • Combat controller specialists.
    • Pararescue specialists.
    • Air Force special reconnaissance.
    • Tactical air control party specialists.

    What are some MOS in the Air Force?

    General Information – Enlisted MOS Conversion List (Air Force)

    USAF MOS Job Title Warrant MOS
    1C4xx Tactical Air Control Party(TACP) 131A
    1C5xx Command and Control Battle Management Operations 140A
    1N10x1 Operations Intelligence 350F
    1N2x1 Communication Signals Intelligence Production 170B 352N

    What’s the most common job in the Air Force?

    The most common job in the Air Force is to be a pilot. A security forces airman is also the most common job in the Air Force. Security Forces Airmen (SFAs) work with military police units on bases around the world. They provide protection for high-ranking officers and dignitaries visiting installations.

    Are jobs in the Air Force called MOS?

    In the Army and Marines, an enlisted job is called MOS or military occupational specialty. In the Navy and Coast Guard, an enlisted job is called a rating. But in the Air Force, a job is referred to by an Air Force Specialty Code, or AFSC.

    What are the ranks of the Air Force?

    Air Force Ranks: Airman (E-1 through E-4)

    • Airman (E-2)
    • Airman First Class (E-3)
    • Senior Airman (E-4)
    • Staff Sergeant (E-5)
    • Technical Sergeant (E-6)
    • Master Sergeant (E-7)
    • Senior Master Sergeant (E-8)
    • Chief Master Sergeant (E-9)

    What are jobs called in military?

    The enlisted jobs in the Army and Marine Corps are known as military occupational specialties or MOS. Enlisted jobs in the Air Force are categorized as Air Force specialty codes (AFSCs) and enlisted jobs in the Navy and Coast Guard are referred to as “rates” or “ratings.”

    What are the Air Force Special Ops called?

    Air Force Special Warfare (AFSPECWAR) comprises ground combat forces that specialize in airpower application in hostile, denied and politically sensitive environments. AFSPECWAR enlisted specialties include Combat Control, Pararescue, Special Reconnaissance and Tactical Air Control Party (TACP).

    What officer jobs are in demand in the Air Force?

    Top 8 Air Force jobs in demand

    • Air Force pilot.
    • Public affairs officer.
    • Aircraft maintenance engineer.
    • Security forces.
    • Air traffic controller.
    • Air Force Logistics Planners.
    • Military Intelligence.
    • Air Force special reconnaissance.

    What are the lowest jobs in the Air Force?

    Worst Air Force Jobs See our list of the 5 worst jobs in the US Air Force. They include security forces, client systems, civil engineering, and air transportation.

    What is a craftsman in the Air Force?

    Upon promotion to Staff Sergeant, individuals enter training for the “7” (craftsman) Skill Level. This level ​of training includes more CDCs, more on-the-job training, and for some jobs, a 7-level technical school. Once promoted to E-8, the person receives a “9” (superintendent) skill level.

    What are Air Force Specialty Codes and career fields?

    Air Force Specialty Codes And Career Fields. In the Air Force, enlisted jobs are known as “AFSCs,” or “Air Force Specialty Codes.”. The Air Force divides their AFSCs (enlisted jobs) into the following overall categories: Special Investigations. Withing these categories, AFSCs are further assigned to “career fields.”.

    What kind of jobs can you get in the Air Force?

    Air Force Enlisted Jobs: Specialty Codes Operations. Such skills as fixing airborne systems equipment that involve computer systems, radar and radio systems, and… Maintenance & Logistics. A focus on operational success requires inspections, repairs, maintenance, and servicing of… Support.

    What are the different types of aircrew operations jobs?

    The following is a complete listing of AFSCs for the Aircrew Operations Career Field: 1A0XX In-Flight Refueling. 1A1XX Flight Engineer. 1A2XX Aircraft Loadmaster. 1A3XX Airborne Mission System. 1A4XX Airborne Operations. 1A6XX Flight Attendant. 1A7XX Aerial Gunner.

    What are the administrative enlisted job categories in the Air Force?

    Air Force Administrative Enlisted Job Categories Air Force Flight Attendant 1A6X1 Airfield Management 1C7X1 Operations Resource Management 1C0X2 Information Management 3D0X1 Radio Communications Systems 3C1X1 Personnel 3S0X1 Military Equal Opportunity 3S1X1 Chaplain Service Support 5R0X1

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