What are the best ghost stories?

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What are the best ghost stories?

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  • What is the most famous ghost story?

    King Hamlet. In Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” the ghost of the king haunts his son and spurs him to action against his murderer.

  • The Flying Dutchman.
  • The Bell Witch.
  • Casper.
  • Bloody Mary.
  • The Drury Lane Ghost.
  • The Vanishing Hitchhiker.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Past.
  • The Murdered Peddler.
  • Slimer.
  • Who are the most famous ghosts in American history?

    Henry VIII. ‘The fat king with all the wives’ (1491-1547),as he is popularly remembered,started his reign as a talented and vigorous young man who excelled in learning,sport,…

  • Wives of Henry VIII.
  • Abraham Lincoln.
  • Charles I.
  • Bonnie and Clyde.
  • Elizabeth Bathory.
  • American Civil War Ghosts.
  • Roman Legionaries.
  • Who is the most famous ghost?

    – Papa Emeritus – vocals performance (2010–2012) – Papa Emeritus II – vocals performance (2012–2015) – Papa Emeritus III – vocals performance (2015–2017) – Cardinal Copia – vocals performance (2018–2020) – Papa Emeritus IV – vocals performance (2020–present)

    How to tell good ghost stories?

    Preparation. Before you start looking for good ghost stories to tell,you should be aware of who your audience is first.

  • Choose the right venue and have props ready. To be honest,setting the ambience is more important than the story itself.
  • Practice makes perfect. Once you’re done with the setting and props,it’s now time to practice telling the story.
  • What are some real life ghost stories?

    Never trust the basement: “I was at a friend’s house while her niece was there.

  • The devilish dream: “Two years ago,I was half-asleep when I felt like I was being pulled off my bed by my legs.
  • The freaky creak: “I was at my boyfriend’s apartment waiting for him to come home.
  • Why are ghost stories so interesting?

    Originally Answered: Why are ghost stories are so interested? We basically find the stories more interesting because they are thrilling and another thing is that we have not gone through that situations. where as in some or the other phase of life we have gone through romance, drama and emotional stories.

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