What are the benefits of Mtiba?

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What are the benefits of Mtiba?


  • Access to more paying clients with accessible funds in their M-TIBA health wallet.
  • Increased revenue collection because you serve clients with ability to pay.
  • Better security by shifting from cash to digital transactions.
  • Free financial and clinical performance dashboards for decision making.

How much do I pay for Mtiba?

M-TIBA funds can be used to pay for outpatient healthcare services and medication. The indicative cost of consultation at healthcare providers participating in M-TIBA in Nairobi is between 200 Ksh and 400 Ksh per person per visit.

How do I join Mtiba?

There are multiple ways to register on M-TIBA:

  1. Simply dial *253# to register.
  2. An M-TIBA agent will visit you to help you register.
  3. You can register from any of the facilities that carry the M-TIBA logo.
  4. You can register by calling our Toll Free line 0800 721253.

Is Mtiba an insurance?

INSURANCE THROUGH M-TIBA For selected medical insurance policies, M-TIBA is a safe and convenient way of managing your medical cover on your mobile. Instantly initiate treatment, confirm dependent eligibility, and check their benefit utilization.

What is Mtiba and how does it work?

M-TIBA (“Service” or “M-TIBA Service”) is a service provided by CarePay that aims to give Kenyans access to healthcare through a designated platform that permits users to save, remit and collect funds, insure and pay for health care using their mobile phones at designated health clinics and hospitals.

How do I check my Mtiba balance?

How do I check my M-TIBA balance?

  1. Dial *253#
  2. Enter your M-TIBA PIN (or press 1 if you have forgotten your PIN)
  3. Select option 2: My M-TIBA Benefits.

How do I withdraw money from Mtiba?

How do I withdraw money from M-TIBA?

  1. Dial *253# on your mobile phone.
  2. Enter your M-TIBA PIN.
  3. Select option 2: My M-TIBA.
  4. Select the program you wish to leave.
  5. Choose option 4: Quit program.
  6. Choose option 1 to confirm your choice.

Does Mtiba cover inpatient?

Inpatient Medical Cover The Policy covers Inpatient treatment up to the limit applied for, for treatment which includes reasonable costs incurred at duly appointed hospitals in connection with: 1) Daily bed charges and the cost of maintaining any of the Insured Person in a General Ward Bed.

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