What are the benefits of chanting Durga Saptashati?

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What are the benefits of chanting Durga Saptashati?

By chanting this Mantra, you can rid yourself from the stress caused due to anxiety. (ii) The following Mantra dedicated to the Katyayani form of Durga helps devotees derive strength and courage in difficult times.

How many pages are there in Durga Saptashati?

32 Pages

Book Durga Saptashati Small Size Gitapress Paperback 32 Pages Pack Of 3 Premium Quality Book Durgasaptashati
Publishing Date 2019
Edition 7
Number of Pages 32

Who cursed Durga Saptashati?

3- Remember, before reciting Durga Saptashati, it should be cursed because every mantra of Durga Saptashati is cursed by Brahma, Vasishta and Vishwamitra Ji.

What is the meaning of Kunjika?

Kunjika is baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Kunjika name meanings is Of the forest. Kunjika is written in Hindi as कुन्जीका.

What are the benefits of Durga Saptashati Siddha kunjika Stotra and its Moola Mantra?

Some of the benefits of Durga Saptashati Siddha Kunjika Stotra and its moola mantra Sadhana are as follows: Helps to activate mantra shakti, kriyas & awaken divine mother consciousness. Success in Shakti & other spiritual Sadhanas Good Health and Healing of diseases Removing obstacles, problems for all round success in life.

Why do we chant Durga Saptshati mantras?

According to the sacred texts of Hinduism, chanting these Durga Saptshati mantras would not only shower you with divine blessings, but will also fulfill all your deep-grown desires. It is believed religious chanting of these mantras not only impresses God, but also dispels negative energy from our lives.

How to apply for distance Durga Saptashati Siddha kunjika srotra Deeksha?

You can apply for distance Durga Saptashati Siddha Kunjika srotra deeksha by transferring donation of Rs.5970 (USD $ 99) (includes 18% GST) using following payment options.

What is Shakti yantra-mantra sadhana?

The Shakti Yantra- Mantra Sadhana described by me in this post is a most powerful Sadhana of a Bisa Shakti Yantra of Chandika Mata, which is infused with a very powerful Navarna Mantra from the Siddha Kunjika Stotram.

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