What are GUPS in Octonauts?

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What are GUPS in Octonauts?

Gups are special underwater vehicles that the Octonauts use. There are currently 26 Gups (not including the so called “Terra Gups” from Octonauts: Above and Beyond) known in Octonauts, but not all of them have been seen.

What animal is the Gup-A?


Vehicle Resemblance
GUP-A Anglerfish
GUP-B Tiger shark
GUP-C Blue whale
GUP-D Manta ray (or a crab when legged)

What animal is the Gup R?


Gup R
Size: Large
Shape: Sailfish
Based-on: Sailfish
Best driver: Captain Barnacles or Kwazii

What animal is Dashy from the Octonauts?

Dashi is a Dachshund who controls all of the computers, communication devices, and steering for the Octopod. She is often portrayed as a meteorologist as well, as she often is the one monitoring the weather forecasts on the Octopod’s storm tracker.

What is the Gup N?

The Gup-N is an upcoming Gup. Nothing is known about it yet, but it has only been seen on the Octonauts Gup Alphabet Chart with a question mark as the picture.

What animal is Kwazii?

daredevil orange kitten
Kwazii is a daredevil orange kitten with a mysterious pirate past. He loves excitement and travelling to exotic places.

What type of penguin is Peso?

In The Great Penguin Race, Peso is seen without a helmet as he competes against Hugo in the Iron Clam race….Character.

Peso Penguin
Species: Penguin
Siblings: Pinto
Aunts: Pepita
Cousins: Adelie Penguins, Emperor Penguins, Chinstrap Penguins

What kind of octopus is professor inkling?

Dumbo octopus
Professor Inkling is a brilliant, Dumbo octopus oceanographer. He founded the Octonauts with the intention of furthering underwater research and preservation. Because of his delicate, big brain, he prefers to help the team from his library in the Octopod.

Is Kwazii a pirate?

Kwazii is one of the best drivers on the Octopod as he often takes his favorite Gup, the Gup-B, out for driving practice….Character.

Kwazii Cat
Residence: Octopod
Occupation(s): Lieutenant and Pirate
Aliases: Kwaz (by Tweak) Lad (by Calico Jack)
Gender: Male
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