What are benefits of Brite Cream?

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What are benefits of Brite Cream?

Brite Cream is used in the treatment of melasma. It is a skin-lightening medicine that lightens the darkened skin patches and spots(hyperpigmentation). It reduces the amount of skin-darkening pigment called melanin in the skin. It helps in reversible depigmentation of the skin.

Is Brite Cream steroid?

Please stop using skin brite cream as it contains strong steroids which can serious side effects in the long run. Steroid induced acne, photosensitivity, rosacea, atrophy, stretch marks, pigmentation, dryness etc to name a few side effects. Please don’t use any such Steroid containing fairness creams.

What are side effects of skin and bright Cream?

Like all medicines, SKIN BRITE CREAM 15GM can cause some side effects such as skin pain, acne, redness, irritation, burning, itching or stinging sensation of the skin. Most of these side effects of SKIN BRITE CREAM 15GM do not require medical attention and gradually resolve over time.

Does Brite Lite Cream work?

It aids in keeping the pores unclogged and lightening brown marks. The cream also works as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells that have been aggregated on the skin surface area to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Key Benefits: Effective acne treatment.

How long does Brite cream take to work?

Consult your dermatologist if you do not notice any improvement after 2-3 months of treatment with BRITE CREAM 20GM.

Does fair and Brite contain hydroquinone?

This cream is formulated and may gradually reduce pigmentation irregularities and lighten complexion. It’s rich composition of Willow tree bark extract, Hydroquinone and Vitamin B3 inhibits melanin in order to whiten skin.

Does fair and Brite cream contain hydroquinone?

What is glycolic acid cream?

Glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliant that occurs naturally in some plants. Many skin care products and treatments contain it, although cosmetic companies usually use glycolic acid that comes from a laboratory. This ingredient has exfoliating, hydrating, and anti-aging properties.

Can I apply Brite Cream on face?

Is Brite Cream safe to use on face? Brite Cream should be used exactly as directed by your doctor. You should apply it away from the eyes, nose, corners of the mouth, or open wounds because these areas are more prone to irritation.

Can I use Vitamin C and hydroquinone together?

That’s why Vitamin C works best when combined with other potent skin lightening agents, like Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone with Vitamin C is especially effective because the vitamin also provides some protection against sun damage, which is a major contributor to skin discolorations.

Can I use hydroquinone and Vitamin C together?

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