What activities are available at Victoria Falls?

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What activities are available at Victoria Falls?

Here are our 13 favourite activities at Victoria Falls:

  • Walk along the footpaths of Victoria Falls National Park.
  • Walk along Knife Edge Bridge on the Zambian side.
  • Visit Livingstone Island and take a dip in the Devil’s Pool.
  • Enjoy a sunset boat cruise on the Zambezi river.
  • Take a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls.

What makes Victoria Falls a tourist attraction?

The Victoria falls are considered one of the top ten wonders of the world and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They act as a barrier that divides the upper and lower sections of river Zambezi. The Zambezi river helps define the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe although the river itself remains in a “no man’s land”.

What can tourists expect at Victoria Falls?

10 Best Adventure Activities at Victoria Falls: White Water Rafting on the Zambezi River. Helicopter & Microlight Flights over Victoria Falls – Flight of Angels. High Wire Activities – Zipline, Gorge Swing & Flying Fox. Devil’s Pool – Swim on the edge of Victoria Falls.

Why is Victoria Falls so impressive?

Aside from its breath taking beauty the Victoria Falls are also considered to be the largest waterfall in the world. This is based on the measurements of height, width and forming the largest sheet of falling water. The water that flows through the fall is from the Zambezi Rivers.

What do tourist come to see at Great Zimbabwe?

The 3 main areas of interest at the ruins include the Hill Complex with its magnificent views of the surrounding landscape, the Great Enclosure and the museum which holds a number of interesting artefacts that were found on the site, including pottery from China.

Can you survive a fall from Victoria Falls?

FIVE years ago, Wang Shunxue made headlines in both local and international media after he slipped and fell into the Victoria Falls but survived. Almost every year, at least one tourist dies after falling into the Victoria Falls.

How much is the entrance fee at Great Zimbabwe?

Monuments and Sites Entrance Fees
Monument/Site Age Group Non-Residents
Great Zimbabwe Adults 15
Children 8
Domboshava Adults 10

How many waterfalls are in Victoria Falls?

The Victoria Falls are 1700m wide and are made up of five different “falls”. Four of these are in Zimbabwe and one is in Zambia. They are known as The Devil’s Cataract, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls and Horseshoe Falls in Zimbabwe and the Eastern Cataract in Zambia.

How many tourists a week go to Victoria Falls?

“The Smoke That Thunders”—the English translation of what the waterfall is called in the Sotho language—is still mighty, but the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced visitors to a trickle. Ordinarily, Victoria Falls attracts 350,000 tourists a year, but numbers have dropped to almost none as a result of travel restrictions.

What is the best time to visit Victoria Falls?

Peak season at Victoria Falls

  • Lower water levels and less spray gives you excellent visibility of the falls
  • Livingstone Island and the rafting season open as soon as the water drops to a safe level
  • Although it is wintertime,you can expect warm and sunny days – 20-28 °C
  • Both sides of the falls are great to visit
  • Why is Victoria Falls a tourist attraction?

    – Regular disinfecting – Hand sanitation – Social distancing – Personal protective equipment – Digital where possible

    How to visit Victoria Falls on a budget?

    Adventure sports. Adventure sports are a big deal in Vic Falls.

  • Hiking. Hike the Batoka Gorge – the route options are also dependent on the season and water height,but a basic hike down into the gorge will cost about
  • Victoria Falls National Park.
  • Cycling.
  • The Vic Falls Carnival.