Should you use a deer decoy in the woods?

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Should you use a deer decoy in the woods?

Hunting deer with a decoy has proven to be a very effective tactic. The best deer decoy placed in the right location can produce a hunt of a lifetime and lead to a punched tag. There are many variables to consider when planning to purchase and hunt whitetails with a decoy.

Which way should a deer decoy face?

If you’re using a doe decoy, always face it away from you. Again, you can angle it, but make sure it’s facing away from your stand. Bucks coming in to doe decoys are most interested in the hind end of the doe.

Where do you put a deer decoy?

Decoys work best when set up in areas of high deer travel. Before and after the rut, set them on the edges of feed fields, along major trails or near bedding areas. During the rut, set them up near scrape or rub lines, but use caution near bedding areas to avoid polluting the area with your own scent, sight or sound.

How will a buck approach a decoy?

When a buck approaches a decoy, it wants to scent check the deer and also prefers to look at its eyes. So, you always want to face the decoy toward your stand, with the wind blowing directly from your decoy toward your stand. It is equally important to set the decoy 25-30 yards from the stand.

Do decoys work after the rut?

Post-Rut – Just the Doe A feeding or standing doe deer decoy on a food source will be enough to attract the buck, but you’ll want to add in some estrous doe urine for good measure. Add in an estrous doe bleat to really bring in the big guns.

Will a decoy scare deer?

If you see deer chasing and cruising for does, the time is right. Decoys can work for sure. But they can also spook deer when used incorrectly. Before learning how to use a decoy, you need to learn how not to use.

Should you use a decoy during the rut?

There’s no doubt a deer decoy works best during the whitetail rut. Playing on a buck’s robot-like trance as he is roaming forests and fields, a decoy not only attracts deer, but also helps set up a shot, makes calls and scents more attractive, and adds a layer of excitement to an already exciting time.

How do you set up a buck decoy?

Most times a buck will approach the decoy from downwind so place it about 30 yards upwind of your stand which allows the approaching buck to pass in front of your location. Have the decoy face you so that the buck doesn’t rush in from behind.

Can you use a deer target as a decoy?

Yes, they work fine. I’ve used mine in the past, but this year I bought the carry-lite decoy.

When should you use a deer decoy?

Used at the wrong time, a decoy can reduce your odds and even spook deer. The best time for decoying is about a two-week window that starts at the tail end of the pre-rut phase and goes into the peak rut. The further into the rut you are, the more likely it is that a fully mature buck will respond to your decoy.

Can I use a 3D deer target as a decoy?

is it possible to use a deer target such as a delta target or glendel buck as a decoy? in need of some opinions. If you can get it out there w/out getting shot by some trigger happy hunter, yes, they work well. I’ve used the 3D pronghorn decoys and a cheap-o Delta buck both.

Can I poop next to my deer stand?

just your scent from your boots would be bad where you walked to do it, next day, no issues. Once I was trying to cover two trails coming to a corn field too far apart to shoot to both. Took a poop in one and sat on the other.