Is Zocdoc available in India?

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Is Zocdoc available in India?

About us. ZOCDOC ONLINE HEALTH MANAGEMENT INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a hospital & health care company based out of 3rd Floor,ONYX, North Main Road,Koregaon Park,, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Does Zocdoc sell your info?

Data Privacy | Zocdoc. Zocdoc is committed to protecting the privacy rights of our users and healthcare providers, and as such Zocdoc does not sell your personal information.

How much does it cost to advertise on Zocdoc?

There is a fee to be listed as a Zocdoc doctor. Currently, Zocdoc charges doctors $300 a month to be listed. It is up to you to decide if the cost is worth the potential appointments you get. If you are considering signing up, be sure to do some research first.

Why is it called Zocdoc?

Incidentally, the oddball name? Originally, the founders wanted, but they learned that the domain name would cost more than $1 million. They got instead for $6 — and stuck with it.

Who are Zocdoc competitors?

Zocdoc competitors include Zesty, Inc., Evariant, Practice Fusion, The Advisory Board Company and Healthgrades.

How does Zocdoc earn money?

Zocdoc’s fees vary, but most providers pay a subscription fee and/or a one-time fee for each new patient booking that Zocdoc facilitates through our Marketplace (bookings made by existing patients or through providers’ own websites are included at no cost).

Is ZocDoc private or public?

Zocdoc is a New York City-based company offering an online service that allows people to find and book in-person or telemedicine appointments for medical or dental care. The platform also functions as a physician and dentist rating and comparison database….Zocdoc.

Type Private

What is MD doctor in India?

The full form of MD is Doctor of Medicine. MD is a 3-year postgraduate degree obtained after completing a medical MBBS course. After three years of training, MD is honoured in nonsurgical subjects. Since MD is a postgraduate level, applicants should obtain an MBBS degree in order to qualify for the course.

Who is the CEO of Zocdoc?

Oliver Kharraz (2007–)Zocdoc / CEO

Are Zocdoc reviews fake?

Another explanation is ZocDoc or doctors are artificially inflating their positive reviews with fake positive reviews. Fake reviews are combatted through moderation and requiring patients to see a doctor in order to review a doctor.

How many customers does Zocdoc have?

six million patients
Zocdoc’s services are available all across the United States. More than six million patients use Zocdoc every month and are able to book more than 1,800 different types of medical procedures across 50 specialties.

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