Is Windu stronger than Dooku?

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Is Windu stronger than Dooku?

When fighting, Mace wasn’t as precise as some, but he had the power to make up for it. Lot’s of people site Mace beating Sidious as evidence that Mace would also beat Dooku, since it’s obvious that Dooku isn’t as powerful as Sidious.

Did Count Dooku and Mace Windu ever fight?

Unfortunately, Windu and Dooku never fought in the live-action films or in an animated series. However, they did just cross blades in Star Wars Adventures #10 — by Michael Moreci, Michael Avon Oeming, Chris O’Halloran and Johanna Nattalie – marking the first time they have fought in canon.

Did Windu beat Sidious?

Mace Windu defeated Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith, but their duel played into the Sith Lord’s plans perfectly, implying that he lost by design. Palpatine and Mace Windu dueled at a critical point in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, with Windu proving victorious, but perhaps Palpatine lost on purpose.

Who could defeat Dooku?

3 Would Lose To: Yoda Has An Immense Force Advantage He was able to defeat Dooku and completely humiliate Ventress in front of the clones – a character who made Kenobi struggle during their own skirmishes.

Who is stronger than Mace Windu?

Meanwhile, Mace had to turn slightly to the dark between the duel between him and Sidious to win. Yoda on the other hand, didn’t turn dark. So, this proves that Yoda is far more stronger than Sidious or Mace Windu. It was because of his smaller stature that he was flung back farther and harder.

Who Crushed General Grievous chest?

The droids on Grievous’s ship open fire on the gunship with Mace Windu on board. As the vessel falls from the sky, Windu jumps to safety. Grievous turns to face him, igniting four lightsabers, but Windu uses the Force to crush the chest plates protecting the General’s organs.

Which clone did Palpatine fear?

Palpatine admits to Darth Vader that the Jedi he actually feared most was none other than Jocasta Nu.

What Jedi can beat Sidious?

Anakin Skywalker could have thwarted Darth Sidious and in fact did, albeit almost 25 years after he was given the initial opportunity. Anakin fell into Sidious’ trap and attacked Windu, as Sidious played victim, only to then spring to life and fire lightning upon Windu. Nearly 25 years passed.

Was Dooku a match for Sidious?

Lastly, Dooku was more than a match for Sidious as well. This is a fact that Sidious understood well as he had no intention of ever challenging Dooku outright. It might prove bad for his health. Dooku beat Windu, Windu beat Sidious, Sidious servived Yoda. The Sad part is that Dooku believed himself to be the chosen one.

Can Count Dooku Kill Master Windu?

Mace Windu vs Count Dooku. Dooku is perfectly prepared to kill Master Windu. Windu prefers that Dooku live, but will resort to lethal mesures if necessary. The fight takes place in the Jedi Temple, but no other Jedi are around.

Is Dooku more skilled than Windu?

I think Dooku is more skilled, but Windu should have the advantage here, due to vaapad and shatterpoints. I’d think they each could take 5/10,,,dooku might have an advantage in force power but since windu invented his own fighting style it may be harder to predict so either way it’s a close fight,,I’d say they’re very evenly matched

Was Dooku on Anakin/Kenobi’s level?

If obi-wan could not take on the sith lord , but he could take on Anakin ( according to Yoda ), than that means Dooku was on Anakin’s / Kenobi’s level . And Windu overpowered the Sith Lord in Rots ( mentioned by George Lucas ). Sidious equals Yoda in the end battle . ( Or atleast Sidious hold his own for a while ) Means Sidious > Dooku .

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