Is Wind River Linux real time?

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Is Wind River Linux real time?

Wind River Linux is designed for use in embedded systems that do not require the deterministic or safety-critical features of a real-time operating system. Best of all, it is free to download and install.

Is Wind River Linux free?

Wind River Linux is the leading free open-source Linux for the embedded industry. Wind River Linux is the leading free open-source Linux for the embedded industry. Enabling digital transformation for the world’s leading technology companies via intelligent edge software solutions.

What is Wind River Linux based on?

the Yocto Project implementation
Wind River Linux is a commercial product that is based on the Yocto Project implementation of the OpenEmbedded Core (OE-Core) metadata project. The Yocto Project uses build recipes and configuration files to define the core platform project image and the applications and functionality it provides.

Is VxWorks based on Linux?

VxWorks is a real time operating system (or RTOS) –meaning it is an operating system that an operating system (or OS) intended for real time applications. It was designed specifically to be used in embedded systems. VxWorks development is done on a host machine which runs Linux, Unix, or Windows.

Who owns Wind River Systems?

Wind River Systems/Parent organizations
In 2009, Wind River was acquired by Intel. In 2018, Intel spun out its Wind River division, which was then acquired by TPG Capital. On January 11, 2022, Wind River announced that it was acquired by Aptiv, an auto parts company, for $4.3 billion in cash.

Is Wind River part of Intel?

Wind River will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel and continue with its current business model of supplying leading-edge products and services to its customers worldwide.

What happened to Wind River Systems?

Wind River is acquired by Intel®, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary and part of its Software and Services Group.

Is VxWorks a real-time OS?

VxWorks is a real-time operating system (or RTOS) developed as proprietary software by Wind River Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aptiv.

Is VxWorks a hard RTOS?

VxWorks and LynxOS are two of the most successful hard RTOSes on the market today.

Is Wind River a good company?

Wind River has been a great company to work for. Lots of intelligent, hard-working people, flexible work at home/hours policy, and more recently an effort to help employees with career development and more proactive performance discussions. Better than average benefits package for US employees.

Who bought Wind River?

Aptiv PLC
In a $4.3bn transaction which accelerates the journey toward a software-defined automotive industry, global technology company Aptiv PLC is to acquire intelligent edge software solutions provider Wind River, which is backed by private equity firm TPG Capital.

Is VxWorks monolithic?

VxWorks is a monolithic kernel design that is highly optimized to achieve the best possible performance on each hardware platform, and Wind River stands by that approach.

Is VxWorks a RTOS?

VxWorks® is the first and only real-time operating system (RTOS) in the world to support application deployment through containers.

Who owns Wind River systems?

What is windwind River® Linux?

Wind River® Linux enables you to build and deploy robust, reliable, and secure Linux-based edge devices and systems without the risk and development effort associated with roll-your-own (RYO) in-house efforts.

What is Wind River Linux GPP certification?

The certification establishes Wind River Linux conformance as an Operating System Segment (OSS) that supports the General Purpose Profile (GPP). Wind River Linux subscriptions provide ongoing threat mitigation to address emerging vulnerabilities, constantly monitored by the Wind River security team.

Why choose Wind River for your Schneider product?

“Schneider has relied on Wind River for over a decade to help our engineers create groundbreaking industrial products more quickly while lowering our costs.

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