Is Wattyl paint low VOC?

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Is Wattyl paint low VOC?

Wattyl’s I.D Advanced interior product range with ultra low VOC levels, easily meets GBCA’s low VOC content limits.

Is Wattyl paint Australian made?

“We are still the same Wattyl – proudly made right here in Australia for Australian and New Zealand conditions. Our heritage of over 100 years of locally manufactured protection and innovation continues,” Crossingham said.

Is Wattyl paint Australian owned?

Wattyl is a brand of architectural, decorative paints, special purpose and protective coatings sold throughout Australia and New Zealand. As of February 2021, it is fully owned by the Hempel Group….Wattyl.

Headquarters Australia
Number of employees 1500
Parent Hempel Group

Is Wattyl Australian owned?

As of February 2021, it is fully owned by the Hempel Group….Wattyl.

Headquarters Australia
Parent Hempel Group

Who owns Wattyl?

Hempel GroupWattyl / Parent organization

Is Wattyl a good brand of paint?

Perhaps its most famous range is the ‘Solagard’ range, suited for harsh Aussie climates. Wattyl earned a sleek five-star review for quality of finish and four stars everywhere else, including for durability and overall satisfaction. So, what do consumers look for when they buy house paint?

What is it like to work at Wattyl?

Working at Wattyl I found was a very pleasant place to be as you were left alone to do the work in a very mature environment. included in the christmas lunch, treated with respect by supervisors. not enough work at specific times of the year. Was this review helpful?

What happened to Wattyl roof coating?

I complained to Wattyl and they sent out a rep to examine the roof He claimed “the old paint has been affected by the new coatings” So according to the information on the pail under warranty it failed. He replied “no there’s no failure it has reacted with the old surface paint” The paint failed outright and Wattyl relinquished all responsibility.

Where can I find the latest colour trends for Wattyl?

Wattyl has been labelled an Aussie icon since 1915, operating both here and over in New Zealand. If you’re interested in following the latest colour trends, you will need to check out the Wattyl website.