Is vulvar Melanosis benign?

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Is vulvar Melanosis benign?

Vulvar melanosis (VM) (also called genital melanosis/lentiginosis and vulvar melanotic macule) is a benign pigmented lesion that usually takes the shape of multiple flat asymmetrical macules, with a tan-brown to blue-black color, irregular borders, and variable size.

How common is vulvar melanoma?

Vulvar melanomas are rare, with incidence rates in the range of 0.1–0.19 per 1000,000 women.

How common is melanoma in the pubic area?

A very small percentage of melanomas occur in the genital area. It has been said, the genital melanoma include less than 1% of the total melanomas (2) and 3% of melanomas in women (3). The prevalence of genital melanoma in women is more than men.

Can vulvar melanoma be benign?

Abstract. Ten percent of all women have pigmented vulvar lesions. Fortunately, most of these are benign but 1% of all melanomas in women affect the vulva.

Does vulvar melanoma itch?

Patients with vulvar melanoma can have many of the same symptoms as other vulvar cancers, such as: A lump. Itching. Pain.

How long can you live with vulvar melanoma?

Around 75 out of every 100 women with localised vulval melanoma (around 75%) survived their disease for 5 years or more. Localised disease has not spread beyond where it started. Around 40 out of every 100 women with regional disease (around 40%) survived their disease for 5 years or more.

Is vulvar melanoma fatal?

Genital melanoma is a rare but deadly cancer in women and the prognosis is often poor.

What is the prevalence of vulvar melanosis?

Pigmented skin lesions of the vulva are present in 12-19% of the women who have had gynecological examination.9Vulvar melanosis is the most frequent lesion among these pigmented disorders.22Vulvar melanosis usually occurs in white women and has an unknown etiology.

What is the literature on vulvar melanosis?

While many pigmented skin lesions have been extensively described, there is little literature about vulvar melanosis and many theories concerning this problem are under debate. Proper diagnosis should be done to be sure whether it is vulvar melanosis or vulvar melanoma.

What is a dermoscopy for melanoma?

Dermoscopy is a noninvasive tool that helps physicians distinguish melanomas from other pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions. It gives numerous clues about skin structures in the epidermis, dermoepidermal junction, and dermis. Numerous methods have been developed for the detection of lesion borders.

What is variablevulva melanosis (VVV)?

Vulva melanosis is a condition that can be experienced by females of all ages, both children and adults. Furthermore, there is no racial or ethnic prejudice for this vulvar condition. Currently, there is no specific cause for this vulvar benign but there are some rarely linked factors.

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