Is Vegeta stronger than King Vegeta?

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Is Vegeta stronger than King Vegeta?

King Vegeta could be anywhere between 5,000-10,000. It’s impossible to tell other than he’s stronger than Nappa and weaker than Vegeta as a kid.

Who defeated King Vegeta?

King Vegeta was too weak however, and Frieza killed him with a single punch before wiping out his men. Due to being unrepentantly evil, King Vegeta was sent to Hell by King Yemma, along with most of the Saiyans who died when Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza’s Supernova.

Who is stronger bardock or King Vegeta?

Bardock is stronger he was the first super saiyan ever. King Vegeta died against first form Frieza with one punch.

How powerful is Tarble?

From what we know of Tarble in The Return of Son Goku and Friends, he was strong enough to temporarily hold his own against two soldiers with power levels of 530,000 – equivalent to Frieza’s first form.

Is Trunks stronger than Vegeta?

During the battle with Cell, Vegeta is the stronger of the two, and even states as much when introducing Trunks to Cell. Vegeta was more experienced and knew better than to waste time using grade 3 for anything more than powering up his Final Flash.

Is Nappa stronger than Bardock?

9 Nappa. There’s no question that Nappa was stronger than Bardock. Sure, if he went up against Frieza’s Supernova, he’d easily be brushed aside as well, but his close association with Vegeta showed that he was no pushover. Nappa had the ability to wipe entire cities out with the flick of his wrist.

Can Tarble go Super Saiyan?

By the time he appears, Tarble is the only surviving full-blooded Saiyan to have never transformed into a Super Saiyan.

Is Tarble alive?

Tarble is also one of the three surviving full-blooded Saiyans to never die throughout the series.

Was Vegeta stronger than Cell?

Can future trunks beat Vegeta?

Trunks is slightly stronger than he was when he defeated Frieza on earth 3 years ago, likely due to training. Trunks is weaker than both Goku & Vegeta in his Super Saiyan form. He is easily defeated along with Vegeta by Android 18.

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