Is there a market for collectible stamps?

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Is there a market for collectible stamps?

You can also sell your collection to a stamp auction house. However, their fees are upward of 40-50% of the sale price. Comparatively, many stamp dealers will consider 20-30% profit of the sale price. Some may even go as low as 10%, depending on how fast they can resell the material.

Do stamps increase in value?

Stamps are not a financial asset and so may perform better than cash in times of high inflation. As a tangible asset, a stamp cannot go out of business like a company quoted on the stock market. Stamps are a relatively confidential investment.

What happened to stamp collecting?

The overall effect of all this is that stamp prices have declined due to numerous part time and one-time sellers willing to undercut the market in order to liquidate their collections. Since many of these sellers are retired, they put a very low value on the time and effort needed to conduct their business.

Is stamp collecting lucrative?

While perhaps 99% of stamps issued around the world are not worthy of investment, if you can get your hands on a specimen which is both rare and unusual, stamp collecting can also be a seriously lucrative past time.

Are stamp collections losing value?

Stamp Collecting as an Investment Indeed, the desire for rare and collectible stamps has increased worldwide. At the same time, however, values for complete collections are dropping.

Are US stamps a good investment?

Is Investing In Stamps A Good Idea? The rarest of postal stamps can be a reliable and sometimes lucrative place to store money for the wealthy. But many postage stamps have depreciated in value and are worth a fraction of their listed price in guidebooks like those issued by Stanley Gibbons.

How can I get my stamp collection valued?

9 ways to sell your stamp collection

  1. Stamp magazines. The reputable publication ‘Stamp Magazine’ (above) is available from larger newsagents and the classified advertising section will help you to locate dealers and collectors who offer a valuation service.
  2. Stamp fairs.
  3. Philatelic Traders Society.
  4. Sell at auction.

Is stamp collecting a good hobby?

Stamp collecting is a fun and addictive hobby that explores history, geography, art and politics. It can be a therapeutic activity or an opportunity to meet likeminded people and join clubs and societies (List of UK Societies and Federations).