Is the RPK a saw?

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Is the RPK a saw?

However, recently the production of a 97-round drum has started. This drum was designed to be used with the AK-107 but can also be used in any 5.45×39mm weapon with compatible magazines, such as the RPK-74 and RPK-74M….

Place of origin Soviet Union
Service history
In service 1974–present
Used by See Users

What is the difference between the RPK and RPK-74 in Battlefield 2?

The variant of RPK modeled in-game is frequently misnamed in the series; the RPK-74 and RPK-74M in Battlefield Play4Free, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield Hardline are all modeled after the original RPK with wooden furniture and a 40 round magazine, while the RPK-74 in Battlefield 2 uses the original RPK’s drum magazines instead of its box magazines.

What is the RPK in BF4 China rising?

The RPK, (originally named RPK-74M prior to the Summer 2015 patch) is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4: China Rising and is issued to the Support class. The RPK retains wooden furniture as seen in earlier Battlefield games. It has a low rate of fire which makes recoil low and accuracy high over a long period of shooting.

What is the difference between the AK-74 and the RPK-74M?

“The RPK-74M is an improved version of the original RPK developed in the 1950s. Essentially a heavy barreled AK-74, the RPK fires from a longer magazine and has been equipped with polymer grips to lighten the weapon. The RPK-74M also features the same scope mount as the AK-74M and is equipped with a bipod by default for supported shooting.

What does RPK-74 stand for?

The RPK-74M ( Modefitsyrovannyj; “Modernized”) is the most recent version of the RPK-74, incorporating black synthetic furniture, a side folding stock, and side mount for optical attachments. The RPK, RPK-74, and RPK-74M appear in six entries in the Battlefield series.