Is the Renault Sandero 2016 a good car?

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Is the Renault Sandero 2016 a good car?

The Renault Sandero has proven to be a solid, reliable and safe car for any age group. Thanks to Renault’s alliance with Nissan, you won’t struggle to find parts, and servicing as well as replacement parts are inexpensive.

What is the difference between Sandero and Stepway?

For all-surface adaptability, Sandero Stepway ground clearance is 4 cm higher than Sandero. Special body features include front and rear skid plates, new two-tone bumpers and grille, roof bars and bigger wheel arches.

What does Stepway mean on Dacia?

The Stepway is a crossover-styled trim level name for Dacia and Renault models.

Is the Stepway a SUV?

The Dacia Sandero Stepway isn’t a fiendish new exercise machine – it’s an SUV-themed small hatchback at a very competitive price.

Is Renault Sandero Stepway a SUV?

The 66 kW motor is plenty nippy and frugal as well, while this crossover SUV is compact enough to zip through the traffic and park with ease….Renault Sandero Fuel Consumption*

Consumption rates Litres per 100 kms Kilometres per Litre
66kW Turbo Stepway Expression 6.7 L/100 km* 4.6 L/100KM*

Is a Dacia Sandero Stepway an SUV?

Is the Dacia Stepway a 4×4?

Although it isn’t full 4×4, it could also be considered against the likes of the Suzuki Swift 4×4 and the two four-wheel-drive versions of the Fiat Panda: the Panda 4×4 and the Panda Cross. Dacia is all about low costs, and the Stepway is extremely well priced, undercutting most of its main rivals by quite a margin.

Is Dacia Stepway worth it?

Overall, you just can’t complain about what you get for your money. The Stepway may not be the quickest or the most engaging car to drive, but it’s comfy, spacious, smart enough inside and out, and has all the tech you really need.

How many Litres is a Renault Sandero Stepway?

It has plenty of space for five adults and a decent boot too….Renault Sandero Fuel Consumption*

Consumption rates Litres per 100 kms Kilometres per Litre
66kW Turbo Stepway Dynamique 6.7 L/100 km* 4.6 L/100KM*

How much is brand new Renault Stepway?

Pricing of the new Renault Sandero Stepway Techroad is R251 900* and comes with Renault’s 5-year / 150 000 km warranty and the standard 2-year / 30 000 km service plan.

Is the Stepway bigger than the Sandero?

The Sandero Stepway measures 4,099mm in length, 1,848mm wide and stands 1,535mm tall, which makes it only a little bigger than its Sandero hatchback sibling.

Is Dacia Stepway an SUV?

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