Is the OK Go car video real?

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Is the OK Go car video real?

In the video, which was done in conjunction with Chevrolet, the band’s four members ride around in a Chevy Sonic. The car and the two-mile course it cruises around are rigged with custom installations, including specially tuned pianos, guitars and other percussive items that turn motoring into music-making.

What is the best OK Go video?

Here are my favorite OK Go music videos.

  • 1) “Needing/Getting” (2012) OK Go. 1.04M subscribers.
  • 2) “Here It Goes Again” (2006) OKGoVEVO. 78.3K subscribers.
  • 3) “The Writing’s On the Wall” (2014) OK Go.
  • 4) “End Love” (2010) OK Go.
  • 5) “Last Leaf” (2010) OK Go.
  • 6) “This Too Shall Pass” (2010) OK Go.
  • 7) “WTF?” ( 2010)

What type of art is OK Go Needing Getting?

“Needing/Getting” is a song by American rock band OK Go, from their 2010 album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky….Needing/Getting.

Genre Alternative rock power pop
Length 5:14
Label Paracadute
Songwriter(s) Damian Kulash Tim Nordwind

Is OK Go still making music?

OK Go tour dates 2022 OK Go is currently touring across 1 country and has 1 upcoming concert. The final concert of the tour will be at Avalon Ballroom Theatre, Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls.

Is I wont let you down video real?

The accompanying video, released on October 27, 2014, is a one-shot take recorded in double time showing the band members and several hundred dancers on personal transportation devices performing intricate choreographed routines while filmed by a camera on a multirotor aerial drone.

What is the this too shall pass challenge?

Paula Abdul Joins the This Too Shall Pass Challenge. KindBoost is offering once-in-a-lifetime football passes to those who bid the highest. One lucky bidder and a guest will get the chance to meet up with Abdul in a special location for a private football pass.

How did OK Go get their name?

The band’s lead singer, Damian Kulash, met bassist Tim Nordwind at Interlochen Arts Camp near Traverse City, Michigan, when they were 11. The band name comes from an inside joke developed at Interlochen; they had an often high art teacher who would repeatedly say, “OK… Go!” while they were drawing.

Are OK Go engineers?

OK Go hired Syyn Labs to produce the contraption according to certain specifications. One example: The machine couldn’t use any magic. “That was really important,” said Sadowsky, “because we are all engineers, and we love magic.

Who is the girl in I wont let you down video?

Music video and TV performances Tony Hymas appears as the video’s antagonist; in various scenes dressed in various disguises he makes unsuccessful attempts to assassinate, or maim Diamond’s character in order to win the affections of the woman.

Who is in OK Go?

Damian KulashTim NordwindBass guitarDan KonopkaAndy DuncanGuitarAndy Ross
OK Go/Members

How old is OK Go?

Released on March 1, 2010, the video quickly went viral, with 1.4 million YouTube views in the first 48 hours and over 50 million total views as of February 2016.

Are OK Go music videos real?


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