Is TeraBox trustworthy?

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Is TeraBox trustworthy?

TeraBox provides you with a safe place to store all your files and protects this data from theft. It also allows you to securely back up, access, share and sync all your important content.

Is TeraBox a Chinese company?

TeraBox is a renamed service that went by the name Dubox and it is now owned by Flextech Inc. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find FlexTech Inc’s origin but since Dubox was a Chinese company, TeraBox is likely the same.

Is TeraBox cloud storage Quora safe?

Overall, terabox is the best cloud storage that I found in the internet. Because they have a 1TB storage overall. And its security is a very perfect choice. Their data centers are located in Japan.

Does TeraBox expire?

Additionally, TeraBox allows you to choose an expiration date for documents to be shared with colleagues and colleagues. Link expiration can be configured to expire after 7 or 30 days, or to never expire. You can share files for free.

What is the catch with TeraBox?

TeraBox does not support some basic file formats, and it sometimes has issues while sharing files. There are other giant services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc. In fact, I have compared OneDrive and Box to find the ideal software.

How much does TeraBox cost?

one-month membership: $3.99/month. Automatic renewal´╝Ü automatically renewed monthly subscription: $2.99/month.

Is TeraBox encrypted?

TeraBox provides you with comprehensive data protection. Encrypted uploads and downloads prevent any security risks. Use the extraction code method for sharing by default and prevent crawlers from crawling by encryption.

Is TeraBox free for lifetime?

This platform offers users 1TB of free lifetime cloud storage that they can use in whatever way they wish to. TeraBox also prioritizes the security of its users’ files thanks to features such as Private Space Safe that users can utilize to password-lock their files.

What happens if I delete TeraBox?

First up, you would no longer have a TeraBox account to access ever again. You can create a new account but cannot use the previous one. Secondly, all the data stored on your TeraBox account will be wiped off. This includes everything from photos, videos, documents, games, and other files ever stored on your account.

Can TeraBox Store apps?

TeraBox is a good cloud-storage app, thanks to which you can have a complete backup of all the information on your Android.

Does TeraBox work for games?

With TeraBox, you can upload types of files to it and download various applications, advanced video games, and diverse movies from the Internet through a great variety of download links, ranging from magnet ones to HTTPS ones.

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