Is sports massage regulated by law in the UK?

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Is sports massage regulated by law in the UK?

Sports Therapy is currently unregulated in the UK, and although certain membersdhip organisations formerly applied to The Health Professions Council (HPC) for ‘protected title’ and a minimum of University Undergraduate Level to practise, HPC will not been considering Sports Therapy for state regulation in the …

What are the legal responsibilities of a sports massage practitioner?

Health, safety, hygiene and protection are essential in the work place, and even more so in a sports massage environment. The law demands every work place is safe and healthy for employees and clients. These aspects all promote health and safety which is a main legal requirement of any organisation.

What is the purpose of regulations in sports massage?

Purpose of regulation: To maintain high standards of practice, safety and protection, to ensure continuous professional development of practitioners, to maintain a national register of professionals.

Who regulates the massage industry in the UK?

REGULATORY BODIES The two main regulators for complementary therapy are CNHC and GRCCT.

What is sports massage safeguarding?

Massage therapy is the giving and receiving of touch for healing. This is a powerful indeed intimate modality and could, in the wrong hands, be open to abuse. Given these sensitivities, BCMB places the highest importance on safe professional practice.

Do I need a licence to massage in UK?

If you provide massages or special treatments you will need a licence and show you meet hygiene and health and safety standards. This is under the Nottinghamshire County Council Act 1985. As well as the premises needing to be licensed the person carrying out the treatments also needs to be licensed.

What are the safety precautions being observed when giving massage service?

To protect both the therapists in his practice, Otis enforces standard precautions and shares the expectation that hands, arms, and any other equipment is cleansed appropriately. Use of protective gear, like application of gloves, masks, and even gowns can not only protect the therapist but also the client.

What are the insurance requirements for sports massage practice?

Insurance for sports massage specialists includes the following types of cover

  • Public liability and professional indemnity insurance.
  • Employer’s Liability insurance.
  • Legal expenses insurance.
  • Directors and Officers insurance.
  • Portable equipment and office insurance.
  • Occupational personal accident insurance.

What is the legislation relating to safeguarding?

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and the Protection of Freedoms Bill. This Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act (SVGA) 2006 was passed to help avoid harm, or risk of harm, by preventing people who are deemed unsuitable to work with children and vulnerable adults from gaining access to them through their work.

What is UK sports role in safeguarding?

Safeguarding in sport is the process of protecting children and adults from harm by providing a safe space in which to play sport and be active. A key part of child safeguarding is spreading the message about keeping children safe and building a culture of always acting in the best interest of all children.

What qualifications do you need to be a masseuse in the UK?

To become a massage therapist you’ll usually need to complete a qualification lasting around six months, depending on how frequently you attend classes. Types of massage therapy certification include the ITEC (Level 3 RQF) Diploma in a range of different massage styles, which you can see above.

What are the consequences of non compliance in sports massage?

Failure to comply with legislation can have serious consequences including:

  • Claims from injured staff or clients.
  • Bad publicity.
  • Business closure.

Do you have to be qualified to give massages?

You won’t need to have a degree in order to become a Massage Therapist. However, some employers may prefer you to have a recognised certification like the International Massage Diploma or Level 3 CPD. Apprenticeships in massage therapy are also available.

Do you need insurance for sports massage?

Sports massage public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance are often considered essential for massage therapists.

What are the safeguarding legislation UK?

The main element of this Act for safeguarding vulnerable adults is Regulation 13. This section is there to protect adults within the health and social care systems from being abused. There are also provisions that prevent restraints being used incorrectly, and removing someone’s liberty improperly.

How much do sports massage therapists make UK?

Most sports massage therapists working in an ’employed’ capacity are paid somewhere between £22,000-£40,000 per annum.

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