Is Sonam Kapoor in Coldplay Hymn for the Weekend?

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Is Sonam Kapoor in Coldplay Hymn for the Weekend?

Mumbai: It’s common knowledge that Sonam Kapoor has done a blink and miss cameo in Coldplay’s latest music video A Hymn For The Weekend. And while many of her fans have been disappointed with her three shots in the video, Sonam said that she was aware that it was a very small appearance.

Why did Coldplay shoot Hymn for the Weekend in India?

Coldplay may have shot the video of their song ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ in India with an intention to celebrate its vibrant and mystic hues, but it has sparked a debate on social media, with some calling it a “stereotypical” portrayal of the country.

Who is the girl in Coldplay hymn for the weekend?

“Hymn for the Weekend” is a single by the British rock band Coldplay from their seventh studio album A Head Full of Dreams (2015), featuring the American singer Beyoncé.

Who is the husband of Sonam Kapoor?

Anand AhujaSonam Kapoor / Husband (m. 2018)

Who is the girl in Coldplay Hymn for the Weekend?

Who is the girl in Coldplay Hymn For The Weekend?

Is Hymn for the Weekend about India?

Parts of the video are based in India during the Holi Festival when people throw brightly coloured powder at each other. It shows Chris Martin travelling past ancient sites and through crowded streets in a tuk tuk.

Is hymn for the weekend a religious song?

So, yes, “Hymn For The Weekend” is about an angelic person in your life, but it’s also about partying with this person, about how their love can make you feel high when you’re low, and about how life is, well, alcoholic — can make you feel good for a while, but, as a depressant, can leave you crashing and feeling ” …

Why does Coldplay love India?

To Chris Martin, India Represents ‘Everything’ In an interview with The Times of India, Martin said “ I always felt like we would come here when we wanted to embrace all colours. I don’t mean racially, but literally; just all the colours of the world”. He believes everything is here, in India.