Is Shalltear the strongest Floor Guardian?

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Is Shalltear the strongest Floor Guardian?

8) Shalltear Bloodfallen = Shalltear is considered the strongest Floor Guardian and she is She has the highest overall stats among them, and her life sustain abilities allow her to easily outlast any one of them in single combat.

What happened to the overlord in Overlord 2?

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil In the non-canon separate storyline of ‘Fellowship of Evil’, the Overlord was eventually destroyed by the Shining Justice, along with his empire. One of the four Netherghuls: Inferna, Cryos, Hakon or Malady are each fighting to take their place as Overlord.

How hard is the Keeper’s Dungeon?

For the blue Keeper’s dungeon, it should not be too difficult. There’s little gold on this level so he can’t train his creatures to high levels as well. Besides you use “Sight” in conjunction with a well placed maxed-out “Lightning” strike every now and then you can kill many of his Imps.

How do I win the Blue Keeper’s Dungeon?

You don’t need to annihilate the blue Keeper’s dungeon to win the game, but it would be much better victory if you could. As it is the last level pick one of the bonus levels where you are rewarded with an Horned Reaper to start out the level much better. You can’t get Dark Mistresses here, it’s the only way to get Reapers.

How do I get the golden pots from the Keeper’s Dungeon?

Just disable the traps by getting hit (use a character who can use “heal” and trigger the trap, until its depleted. Otherwise it should be easy to claim all the golden pots from the Heroes’ dungeon. For the blue Keeper’s dungeon, it should not be too difficult.

How do I beat the blue and green keepers?

The green Keeper is to the east of the blue Keeper who can be recognized by the open Portal. Once you struck the keeper quickly get the Imp out (or let him die) and walk through the corridor using your high level creature (better get him while the game is paused with “P”). Take out the Dungeon Heart and apply the same tactic for the blue Keeper.

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